Resident Evil Village Cooking Guide

This Resident Evil Village Cooking Ingredient Locations guide will get you up to speed on all kinds of recipes, how to craft them all in RE Village.

This Resident Evil Village Cooking guide will get you up to speed on all kinds of recipes, how to craft them, and where to find their ingredients in Resident Evil Village. Since the recipes use the same types of ingredients, we will be listing their locations once instead of with every recipe.

Resident Evil Village Cooking Ingredient Locations

Resident Evil Village allows you to cook your food and boost your health and stamina. However, before we do that, we need to unlock cooking. There are six different cooking recipes in RE Village that you can unlock all at once after getting the second part of the Winged Key and interacting with the Duke. Duke Merchant will then be kind enough to let you cook meals at his shop.

However, you still need ingredients for cooking meals. Ingredients are a bit difficult to find in RE8 Village, and they’re also very limited. Therefore, if you manage to get your hands on them, don’t sell them.

Cooking Recipes 

Here’s a list of all the recipes that you can craft in Resident Evil 8 Village.

Herbed Fish 
It’ll increase your health, and it’s made using Fish and Poultry.

Bird and Beast Pilaf
It decreases your guard damage, and it’s crafted using Poultry and Meat.

Three-Flavored Mititei 
This too increases your health, but way more than Herbed Fish. It can be crafted using Fish, Poultry, and Meat.

Tochitura de Pui  
If you’re looking forward to increasing your health even more, then you need to craft Tochitura de Pui using Poultry, Meat, and Juicy Game.

Ciorba de Porc
It decreases your guard damage more than Bird and Beast Pilaf. It can be crafted using Fish, Meat, and Quality Meat.

Sarmale de Peste  
Brought into life using Fish and the finest Fish, this recipe will make your movements quicker.

Ingredient Locations

Below are all the locations for the ingredients you need for crafting all the recipes. Certain locations cannot be accessed once you leave the area, so try collecting everything on the go.

Fish and Finest Fish
Look for a cave while making your way back to the village from Castle Dimitrescu. Head inside, and you’ll find a pond with fish inside.

Three more Fish can be found in the pond beside Castle Dimitrescu.

You’ll also come across another cave while on your first boat ride in the Moreau’s area. The cave contains a pond that has three Fish. This location cannot be accessed once you leave the region.

For the fourth location, wait for the reservoir to drain out after defeating Moreau. Now head back to the location from where you found the boat, and you’ll come across a small pond that hosts 2 fish.

For the Finest Fish, make your way back from the Moreau’s area and head into the Ritual Site. Get into a boat and head towards the dock in the south. There’ll be a pond towards the south that hosts the finest Fish and 2 regular fish.

There are two chickens present to the northeast of the church, in the church graveyard. You’ll find two more chickens if you take a right while traveling towards Fallow Plot.

At some point in Resident Evil Village, you’ll come across a home with a red chimney. Make sure to explore its yard to find 3 chickens.

For the next location, keep an eye on your right after crossing the pumphouse in the Moreau’s area. You’ll come across 2 chickens. The chickens in this region cannot be accessed once you’ve moved on.

For the last poultry location, look for a mechanical door in East Old Town. There are two chickens behind it.

Meat and Quality Meat
Beginning with the quality meat, you can harvest it from a white pig found in the backyard of a house you cross while on your way to Luiza’s house.

There’s a pig inside the first house that you come across after entering the village. You might have to chase it around a little to kill and harvest 2 meat.

The meat at the third location is harvested by killing a sheep. A sheep is found roaming around to the south of the gardener’s house. The sheep will give you 2 meat.

There’s a windmill near Moreau. Two pigs in its vicinity can give you 2 meat each.

For the next location, make your way back to the village after defeating Moreau and head to the gate of Castle Dimitrescu. You’ll find 2 sheep in front of it.

Just before you enter Otto’s mill, you’ll find a pig.

Juicy Game
Head towards the west from the gate of Castle Dimitrescu until you come across a bluebird. Kill it to harvest the Juicy Game.

Meat, Poultry, and Fish
Enter Otto’s mill and fight the miniboss. Enter the room in front of you afterward to find 3 meat, 1 poultry, and 1 fish.

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