Resident Evil Village The Factory Collectibles Guide

In this Resident Evil Village The Factory Collectibles guide, we will tell you about all the different types of collectibles...

In this Resident Evil Village The Factory Collectibles guide, we will tell you about all the different types of collectibles and their respective locations in the factory area of Resident Evil 8 Village.

Resident Evil Village The Factory Collectibles

The types of collectibles you can find at Heisenberg’s Factory in RE8 Village include:

  • Key Items
  • Files
  • Goats
  • Labyrinth Item
  • Map

Below you will find detailed location of all the collectible locations in Heisenberg’s Factory in RE Village.

Key Items

Relief Mold / Relief of a Horse
You will find the mold in the foundry of Heisenberg’s Factory in RE8 Village. You will also find a Soldat sitting on the chair and have to utilize it on the foundry machine. This will give you the Relief of a horse, and you can use that on the wall nearby.

Cog Mold
You will find this collectible in the room with a missing generator lever right after the room you find the machine in.

Heisenberg’s Key
For this, you have to again come into the foundry and here you can use the key mold for creating and collecting the Heisenberg’s Key.


Development Note 1
The first file collectible can be collected from the same room where you collect the Cog Mold Story Progression item right on the table.

For this, use the elevator to go back to B1 and after that, use Heisenberg’s key on the door. In that room, you will find a file right in front of you.

Development Note 2
In the hallway after the Grinder Shaft turns off the big fan by shooting orange-lit dots. After that, enter the room and you will get this file from the desk.

Heisenberg’s Diary
In factory B1, you will find this on a table in the control room area after defeating the Sturm.

Chris’s Computer
In factory B5, after the cutscene, which starts after meeting the Chris ends, you will see a laptop in front of you. Get the laptop before you enter the vehicle, and this collectible will be yours.

Large Cog
In the Factory, you have to use the Cog Mold for getting the Large Cog.

Key Mold
In factory B2, once you have to go through the huge elevator, you will find it in the second room inside a silver box.


Goat 17
In Factory B2, in the ventilation duct, a ventilation fan will be trying to drag you towards it, and you will be flying in the air. You have to destroy the fan using weapons before getting killed.

Once you have destroyed the fan, turn around and get into the balcony. You will find the goat on one of the excavator shovels on the balcony.

Goat 18
You have to hit that goat through the elevator while going from B1 to B3. You can only see that goat for a couple of seconds, so you have to focus and continue to move the elevator up and down till you succeed.

Goat 19
In Factory B1 in RE Village, you can see the space in that room from where you can crouch into the next room. When you enter the next room, you will find the goat right in the corner.

Labyrinth Item

Ball Mold
In the B2, after the Grinder shaft in the hallway, look at the opposite wall, and you will see a cart you can push. Push it and get inside the room to find this collectible. Here you can use the casting machine to make the Labyrinth ball.

M1851 Wolfsbane – Long Barrel
In the MB4 Operating Room, once you have the Heisenberg’s Key go to the door on the left side, which was locked before and go through it. Here you will encounter an enemy and behind him is the briefcase with the weapon part.


Factory Map (Lower Levels)
You will find it in the same room where you find development note 1 in RE Village.

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