Resident Evil Village Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle Guide

In this Resident Evil Village Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle, we'll show you how to leave House Beneviento by solving the mannequin puzzle

In this guide, we’ll look into the steps to solve the Resident Evil Village Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle, the right strategies to solve the puzzle, and accurate solutions to allow you to progress forward in RE Village.

Resident Evil Village Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to name the RE8 Village Mannequin Puzzle one of the toughest challenges that you’ll come across while being present in the house.

To complete the Mannequin puzzle, you’ll have to complete several steps to proceed to the next room. And once finally done with the puzzle, you’ll have to put the Mannequin back to complete the film sequence.

Following are the chronological order of steps that should be taken to solve the RE8 Mannequin puzzle effectively.

Look for the Mannequin

To locate the Mannequin in RE Village, you’ll have to head towards the House Beneviento. Enter the house and head to the brown door in the midst of the room. Now enter the door situated on the right side and move forward till you see a lift. Use the lift to go to the basement level and after you get there, follow the torches until you find a doll workshop.

Upon entering, you’ll get a cut scene, and you’ll also come across the fact that you have lost all your tools and equipment. You’ll have to make use of whatever you find around to proceed with the game.

Take the yellow flask from the puppet to finally begin the puzzle.

Examining the Mannequin

Go towards the table with the Mannequin on it. You need to observe and examine each part of the Mannequin properly. Each piece of the Mannequin has something to acquire.

Begin with the left hand of the Mannequin. On the left hand, you’ll find a Blood Covered Ring that you need to remove. Now go up towards her mouth, and you’ll find something jammed in it, which will be retrieved with the help of tweezers you’ll have to find later.

Next, go further up towards her left eye, where you’ll find a flying bird symbol instead of a pupil. Remember this as it will be used in another puzzle.

Now go down to the left leg, which will reveal a Winding Key upon the separation of the knee cap. Now make your way to the right side and go up to the right shoulder and remove the compartment to get the Silver Key.

As you’re there, examine the lower right arm and detach it to get the Three Closed Eyes.

Use the obtained Silver Key

After you’re done interacting with the Mannequin, head towards the door on the left side of the room and open it using the Silver Key. As you enter, you’ll find a sink. Use it to run water through the Blood Covered Ring.

As the water runs through it, the ring will be changed into a Wedding Ring, which will reveal an engraved code upon inspection. Use the code ‘052911’ to get through the locked doors.

Exit the Mannequin Workshop

To exit the workshop, you’ll need the combination engraved on the Wedding Ring. Then, use the code ‘052911’ to exit through the locked door.

Wedding Topper Music Box

Go through the hallway until you come across a room with open doors. Enter the room and look for the table with a Music Box decorated with Wedding Toppers on it.  Use Winding Key from your inventory and insert it in the Music box to reveal the cylinders. Now, you’ll have to rearrange these cylinders.

Start moving the cylinders until each has a side with deep scrapes on them. When all match, a panel at the bottom of the box will appear containing pair of tweezers.

Film Roll and the Film Puzzle

On obtaining the tweezers, go back to the Mannequin room and go towards her mouth. Take out the film roll jammed in her mouth using your newly-discovered tweezers.

After you’ve obtained the film roll, go back to the hallway until you find a study room with a white door near the lift you took earlier to come here. Enter the study room and bring the film rolls to a table to inspect them with a projector. You have to place the film in the correct order to play the movie.

  1. Rose’s Toy
  2. The Village of Shadows Book
  3. Rose Sleeping
  4. The Music Box
  5. Mia’s Wedding Ring

After placing the film in the order mentioned above, you’ll have the projector play an old black and white movie. As the movie ends abruptly, a secret passage will be discovered.

Grab the Pair of Scissors

Go to the secret hallway and look at the right side for a puppet. As you find a puppet holding scissors, grab them and go towards the Mannequin in the Doll Workshop. By using the scissors, cut the bandages with blood on them. As you cut it, you’ll find a sheet on her chest that will contain a Brass Medallion when removed.

Brass Medallion Puzzle

After acquiring the Brass Medallion, walk into the hallway, take a left from the locked double door, and then turn to another locked door. Take your Brass Medallion and put in the circular indentation on the door. The door would not open at the very instant as you need to have the rest of the two discs matching the designs.

Earlier, when you were inspecting the Mannequin, you must have seen these designs. The upper left symbol should be changed to the Flying Bird symbol, and the lowermost symbol should be changed to Three Closed Eyes.

After you’ve unlocked the door, go down and use a stepladder to enter the well. You’ll find a Breaker Box Key in the well along with the flood of Mannequin parts.

Obtain the box to access the Relief of a Child. You’ll be able to open the door with the mother on the front window and restore power by taking the fuse and putting it in the breaker box. This will also get the elevator working.

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