Resident Evil Village House Beneviento Puzzles Guide

In this guide for Resident Evil Village House Beneviento Puzzles, we’ll be showing you every trick in the book to help you clear the area.

Resident Evil Village is full of puzzles for players to solve, both to continue the story and to find secrets littered around the game. You’ll find House Beneviento brimming with challenging puzzles. In this guide for Resident Evil Village House Beneviento Puzzles, we’ll be showing you every trick in the book to help you get past this horrifying section of the game.

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento Puzzles

The fun thing about this part of the game (House Beneviento) is that you won’t have to worry about pulling out a gun during this particular sequence in Resident Evil 8. Instead, you’ll have to use a lot more of your head to make it through successfully.

Below are all the puzzles you will encounter throughout your stay at House Beneviento in RE Village.

Doll House
In House Beneviento B1, Doll Workshop, you must examine the upper right arm for the silver key. The Winding key is acquired by pulling out the left leg, and the Blood Covered Ring can be found on the left hand of the Doll.

Door Code
The code to the door is 05-29-11, which is noted on the inside of the ring you just found.

To discover it, you’ll have to wash the ring using the water tap in the adjacent room. Examining the clean ring afterward will reveal the code, which can then be input into the door lock to exit the doll room.

Music Box Puzzle
In the next room of House Beneviento, use the Winding key on the music box, after which you must adjust the cylinders in the correct order. You’ll notice that the scratches on the Music Box follow a pattern which is an obvious clue to help you solve the puzzle.

  • Cylinder 2 to slot 1
  • Cylinder 4 to slot 2
  • Cylinder 3 to slot 5
  • Cylinder 4 to slot 3

Filmstrip Projector Puzzle
Next up, you have to return to the Doll in the workshop of House Beneviento in RE8 Village, use tweezers to get the film strip out of her mouth. Then, take the strip and place it in the projector in the study. The correct order for the Filmstrips is:

  • Plush Toy
  • Village Book
  • Baby
  • Music Box
  • Wedding Ring

Medallion Symbol Door Puzzle
In the hallway adjacent to the study, you can find a pair of scissors. You can use the scissors to cut the bandages and pick up the phone in the next hallway.

Make your way back to the Doll House, cut open the Doll’s chest with your scissors, and get the medallion from within. Take the medallion and place it on the door with the three symbols. Now change the symbols:

  • Top left symbol must be a raven facing left.
  • Bottom symbol have to be 3 closed eyes.

Breaker Box and Fuse Puzzle
After making your way through the door with the medallions, you’ll find yourself going down a dark well to find the key that unlocks the Breaker Box.

Once you have it, you’ll be using it to unlock the box next to the elevator whilst being hunted by a monster all the same. Inside the box will be Relief of a Child which can be placed on the door in the hallway between the study and the room where we initially washed our key.

You will now be able to find the room with the Fuse while here. Head back through, and the monster will continue to hunt you down as you make your way back to the Fuse room.

Hide under the bed once you finally reach the room and wait for the monster to leave. Circle around to distract the monster and get in the elevator while you have the opportunity. Press the key to escape.

Donna and Angie boss fight
Even the boss fight is a puzzle, take too long to solve it, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the dolls in the Donna and Angie boss fight. To clear this, you must find the White Doll, three times in a row before the time runs out. The spawn locations for the white dolls are:

  • Upstairs in the side room, Through the door on the right.
  • The other two spawns are always random, but they always appear downstairs. There should be small blood smears all over the house. Following these blood trails will lead you to the dolls.

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