Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough – How to Get Snake Key and Grenade Launcher, Access the Detention Room

The following Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough is divided into three sections. We will be explaining the process through which you can get access to the detention room, snake key, and the mighty grenade launcher.

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

How to Access the Detention Room

Once you have the Lantern in hand, head to the Old House 1F Attic. By the end of the room near the door place the item on the scales. Doing this will open the way ahead. There is nothing to collect in this room so all you can do is investigate the notes and move on from the Kid’s Room, the Diseased Room and then the Detention Room.

When inside the detention room, investigate the dollhouse to know of the secret behind the bed.  Crouch behind the bed and you will notice an outline for a secret passageway.  Inside you will find the D-Series Arm inside.

Now head back and you will find a couple of Molded, fight or run, it is up to you. The phone will ring as soon as you go past the Altar. Pick up the phone and go to the Trailer.

Take the call, open the fridge, rotate the item and read the note.

How to Get the Grenade Launcher

The note will tell you to head to the Dissection room, head to the other room that can be unlocked via the Crow Key. Go into the eastern wing of the main house and unlock the door to the Supplies.  This is where you can find the Grenade Launcher.

How to Get the Snake Key

Go into the  B1 Processing Area; Go via the Boiler Room and make sure you are aware of the beasts jumping out of the wall when you move toward the Morgue area. Aim for the head, kill them and go back up to the Dissection Room to inspect the Corpse from the neck, you will have the Snake Key.

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