Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Fuse for the Attic Ladder

The only way to activate the attic ladder is by finding a fuse for its broken switch in Resident Evil 7. Here's how.

Throughout the course of Resident Evil 7, you’ll come across a few areas that require you to find certain key items to progress further into the nightmarish Baker Mansion. The fuse is one such item. It is needed to activate the stairs that lead you into the attic

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can solve the attic puzzle in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard to access the attic. Additionally, we’ll also be going over the location of the bolt cutters, as you won’t be able to get the fuse unless you have them in your inventory first.

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Fuse location in Resident Evil 7

Once you have the bolt cutters in your possession, exit the basement and make your way to the main entrance of the mansion. 

Here, you’ll find a cabinet shut tight with a chain. With the bolt cutters at your disposal, you should have no difficulty in cutting through the chains preventing you from opening the cabinet and finding the fuse inside.

How to use the fuse to activate the stairs in Resident Evil 7

Now that we have the fuse in our inventory, it is time to put it to use. Head over to the room that has the cassette player and look around for a fuse box. It is located on the immediate right-hand side of the wall after you enter the room. Next, place the fuse inside the fuse box.

Once you, do the button that activates the stairs leading to the attic becomes functional. Make your way to the button, press it, and head up the attic to take on your next challenge.

Bolt Cutters Location in Resident Evil 7

The bolt cutters in Resident Evil 7 can be found in the basement of the guest house. When you discover Mia in the basement for the first time, make sure to head towards your right.

The bolt cutters will be located on a table towards the end of the room which you can simply walk up to and pick up.

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