Resident Evil 7 Fuse Location Guide – How to Activate Attic Stairs

Resident Evil 7 Fuse Location Guide to help you activate the stairs button found in the attic and progress through the game.

Throughout the course of the game, you will come across a few of key items which are required to progress the game’s story. One such item is the fuse which is required to activate the stairs switch found in the attic.

However, before we talk about finding the fuse, do note that doing so requires the usage of bolt cutters so make sure to check out our Bolt Cutters Location Guide attached below before proceeding.

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Resident Evil 7 Fuse Location Guide

In our Resident Evil 7 Fuse Location Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding the fuse in the game.

Fuse Location in Resident Evil 7

After getting your hands on the bolt cutters, you need to proceed to the main hall of the house. Once you are there, head towards the kitchen and then towards the main entrance.

Once in there, you should be able to find a cabinet shut tight with a chain. With the bolt cutters at your disposal, you should have no difficulty in cutting through the chains preventing you from opening the cabinet and find the fuse inside.

Now that we have the fuse in our inventory, it is time to put it to use. In order to use the fuse, you need to head over to the room with the VCR and place it inside the fuse box on the wall. The fuse box is located on the immediate right-hand side of the wall after entering the room.

Doing so should allow you to activate the stairs button in the attic. Therefore, simply head there and proceed through the game.

This is all we have on our Resident Evil 7 Fuse Location Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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