Resident Evil 4 Village Chief Mendez Boss Guide

Resident Evil 4 has many exciting boss fights, and one of them is with Village Chief Mendez. He is one of the most famous bosses of the ...

Resident Evil 4 has many exciting boss fights, and one of them is with Village Chief Mendez. He is one of the most famous bosses of the game and is featured in the remake with even more improvements and unique mechanical details. Resident Evil 4 Village Chief Mendez is a tall and creepy missionary with a long beard, a long black coat, and a bowler hat on his head.

You will fight Mendez at the end of Chapter 6 of Resident Evil 4. However, it is not easy to defeat him. But don’t worry; we will help you through this guide on defeating the Village Chief Mendez Boss in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Village Chief Mendez’s location

You will first face Chief Mendez in RE4 when you and Ashley need to leave the wooden door outside to the west of the checkpoint. When Ashley passes through the door, Mendez will surprisingly appears from behind and grab Ashley’s arm.

Leon will immediately stabs Mendez in the shoulder. From that point, you must run towards the bridge’s other end and save yourself from the approaching villagers and the falling bridge.

How to defeat Village Chief Mendez in Resident Evil 4

The actual fight with the Chief Mendez Boss in RE4 will happen inside the slaughterhouse before the castle of Chapter. Make sure you are well-equipped to fight the boss. The TMP gun and the RED9 pistol are excellent weapons for defeating him.

You can get these weapons from the merchant shop outside the slaughterhouse in Resident Evil 4. A spare knife is also recommended, as you must parry a lot while fighting. Also, don’t forget the healing items.

Phase 1

When you enter the slaughterhouse with Ashley, Mendez will attack you by ambushing through a wall. Leon will order Ashley to go outside. Leon will grab an explosive barrel, let it slide towards Mendez, and shoot it. This will cause a massive explosion and bring out Mendez’s true form in RE4.

He will grow a large spine and two scissor hands. Now, the fight will start. Keep a safe distance from him, as his arms will stretch long enough to attack you from a distance.

Now to beat Chief Mendez, climb the ladder and get to the catwalk on the sides. Try to aim for Mendez’s head once you shoot him. He will get down for some time to recover. Now you can see a big eye on its back. That is the weak point of Village Chief Mendez in Resident Evil 4. Either shoot the eye with a powerful gun or stab it with a knife.

When you damage his back eye, it will cause him to lose control of his body, and his body will split in half. His legs and upper body will be separated.

Phase 2

Many players will assume he is dead when his body splits in half, and he falls. But, unfortunately, his upper body gets up and even grows two more crab arms. Now he will use two of his arms to swing and hang around the room and will attack you by throwing items at you.

He will first try to throw some explosive barrels at you. When he grabs them in its crab arms, you should shoot the barrels, causing an explosion that will damage the boss.

Then he will go to the other corner of the slaughterhouse and throw burning wooden logs. Try to avoid that by running around the catwalk. Mendez will get close to you and swing his giant arms to attack you.

Shoot him in his head or his chest to give him good damage. After that, he will finally be defeated, lying on the ground and popping out his fake eyeball. Collect this eyeball and trade it with a merchant for 12000 pesetas in RE4 Remake.

Get out of the slaughterhouse fast to end chapter 6 of RE4.

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