How To Get Red9 Pistol In Resident Evil 4

In Resident Evil 4, Red9 Pistol makes a comeback, and most players are happy with its inclusion. This is a 9mm Pistol that is very handy, especially in close encounters. It can be modified to increase its accuracy and precision.

This massively powerful Resident Evil 4 Red9 Pistol also takes a lot of money for maintenance and upgrade. It costs 65000 Pesetas to upgrade it fully. The Red9 can hold eight bullets in its base form and can hold up to 22 bullets when fully upgraded. Even the base form makes Red9 a must-have weapon in RE4 and we can help you find it.

Red9 Pistol location in Resident Evil 4

You can get the Red9 Pistol in RE4 after fighting the Chapter 4 boss Del Lago. When you defeat him, you can now explore freely in the game. In the meantime, you can get the Red9 Pistol.

This pistol is located on the shipwreck in the middle of the lake. To go there, you will need a boat. You can get the boat from the village harbor.

Red9 Pistol location in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Now, drive the boat towards the shipwreck and embark on it. When you head inside the ship cabin, you will find Alexandrite in the chest. You can find a chest outside the cabin on the opposite side doorway.

Now all you have to do is open the chest. You will find the Red9 Pistol in RE4 remake inside the chest. By some chance, if you miss the Pistol in Chapter 4, you can always get it from the merchant later on. The merchant next to the Town Hall will sell this handgun to you.


This weapon is really handy in close encounters but not recommended against bosses. In close encounters, you can use some quick shots of the Pistol and Knife to take out your enemies easily. Red9 Pistol ammo is also relatively cheap, and you can craft as much as you want.

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