Resident Evil 4 Rats Locations

There are three side quests associated with finding and killing rats in Resident Evil 4. One in the Village, the next in the Castle, and the last one on Island. Everyone hates rats, and the Merchant in Resident Evil 4 is no different. Poor guy’s shops are infested with those critters, and he wants us to take care of his rat problem.

The Merchant will reward you with 3x spinels for completing each side quest to eliminate a certain number of Resident Evil 4 rats.

Resident Evil 4 rats locations for Pest Control requests

Rats usually make screeching noises in RE4 and scurry away if you go near them. They are very easy to spot and kill. Move away from the rat and it will sit down at a spot after moving in circles. Shoot it from afar. We recommend using bolts to take down the rats and save your ammo by retrieving the bolts.

Below we have highlighted all 3 Pest Control Merchant requests that ask you to kill rats in RE4 as well as the locations where you can find those rats.

Pest Control – Abandoned Factory Rats Locations

This is the second Request you can undertake in the Village region of RE4. You are tasked with finding and killing three rats in the Abandoned factory area of the Village. Don’t kill Del Lago before completing this quest as that will take you to the point of no return and the quest will fail.

The first rat can be found in the West corner of Abandoned Factory. It is the end of a hallway where you fought a Ganado.

RE4 village rats

The second rat can be found in the main room of the Abandoned Factory (center of the map) near the climbable window. You can shoot this rat from the window.

The third rat is in the center of the main room of Abandoned Factory. It can be seen running near the furnace with sapphire treasure.

resident evil 4 village rat

More Pest Control – Grand Hall/Library Rats Locations

This is a side quest available on the wall of the Dining Hall during Chapter 9. You need to exterminate 3 rats that have been destroying the prestigious Library and Dining Hall of the Salazar family.

The first rat can be found in the Dining Hall area. It is usually roaming near the entrance door but sometimes it moves to the right of the North table (near the portraits). The first rat of Castle can easily be killed with a knife (because of the limited space for it to run away).

Resident Evil 4 grand hall rat location

The second rat can be found along the Armory hallway (it is locked in the beginning so you will have to reach it by climbing a ladder and dropping down a hole). It is usually resting near a breakable pot. The second rat of Castle can be killed with any gun from a distance.

The third rat can only be found during chapter 10. It is in the hallway leading to the Mausoleum. Third rat of the castle can easily be shot down from a distance.

RE4 grand hall rat location

Even More Pest Control – Waste Disposal Rats Locations

This side quest can be found during chapter 14, on top of a crate to the East of Waste Disposal (near the Merchant).

The first rat can be found near the entrance of Waste Disposal and can easily be disposed off with a gun.

The second rat can be found on the other side of the Control Bridge. You have to ask Ashley to raise the bridge for you. The second rat on Island can be killed with any weapon from a distance.

RE4 even more pest control

The third rat can be found in the same area. Go through the dark hallway and then cross the catwalk to find it. Third rat on Island can easily be gunned down from a distance.

RE4 even more pest control

The fourth rat is right next to the third one a little to the North. This fourth and final rat of the Island in RE4 can be killed with any weapon from a distance.