How To Solve Hexagon Puzzle For Stone Pedestal In Resident Evil 4

The Stone Pedestal Puzzle is a two-tier puzzle in which first you must find three Hexagon Puzzle pieces in Resident Evil 4, and after...

Resident Evil 4 offers a lot of optional treasures to be found. The Stone Pedestal houses a Depraved Idol statue in Resident Evil 4 that can bring a pretty penny from the Merchant. The Resident Evil 4 Hexagon Puzzle is a two-tier puzzle. Firstly you have to find three Hexagon Puzzle pieces, and then you can move towards solving the Resident Evil 4 Stone Pedestal Puzzle.

Resident Evil 4 Hexagon pieces locations

Resident Evil 4 doesn’t make things easy for you when finding precious treasures, and this one is no different. Finding three Hexagon puzzle pieces in Resident Evil 4 is the first step towards solving the Stone Pedestal puzzle.

Below you will find the locations of all three hexagon puzzle pieces in RE4.

  • Hexagon Piece A: Head to the shooting gallery next to Quarry to find the first Hexagon piece. You will find this inside a chest right next to the Merchant.
  • Hexagon Piece B: Finding the second piece will require you to do some grinding. You need to jump into the Stahant water in Fish Farm right next to the Fuel boat to get this one. Head under the bridge there, and you can collect the second Hexagon piece from a treasure box.
  • Hexagon Piece C: Right next to Blasphemer’s head on Small Cave Shrine. You must solve a puzzle by pressing the correct keys with symbols on a contraption. The order of this puzzle is Left, Bottom Left, and Bottom Right keys.

How to unlock Stone Pedestal in Resident Evil 4

Return to the Quarry dock and insert the keys on the stone pedestal in Resident Evil 4 Remake. The second part of the puzzle is way more confusing and difficult. All 3 Hexagon keys are part of a pattern. You need to turn the Hexagon keys to complete the pattern after placing them. This puzzle is entirely different on higher difficulties.

We recommend making a save file before attempting this puzzle, as you can’t reset keys to their original state quickly. This will make the Stone Pedestal puzzle way more confusing and time-consuming in RE4.

  • For Assisted/Normal Mode. Rotate the bottom left key once. Then rotate the top key once. This will complete the pattern in just two steps.
  • For Hardcore/Professional Mode. Rotate the bottom right key twice, then rotate the bottom left key twice and the top key once.

You will get Depraved Idol as a reward for completing the “Stone Pedestal with Hexagon keys” puzzle. You must also solve this puzzle to earn the “Bandit” trophy in Resident Evil 4 (Find all treasures in the village).

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