How To Unlock Cave Shrines In Resident Evil 4

Cave shrine puzzle in Resident Evil 4 has you running around pressing symbols around the lake to collect two items...

During the 4th Chapter of Resident Evil 4, you will come across a puzzle in which you have to travel to the different parts of the lake to collect two items; Blasphemer and Apostle heads. After defeating Del Lago in the lake, you will happen across a Mural Cave with a shrine in it. The shrine contains a Church key but to get the key, you need to unlock Resident Evil 4 cave shrines and place objects from those in the hands around this main shrine.

How to find shrine locations

After discovering the locked shrine in Resident Evil 4, move to the next room and you will find a painting inscribed on a wall. It is actually a map of the lake with two markings. One to the North and one to the South. These are the locations of the two cave shrine puzzles you need to solve.

Both items to fit the hands can be collected from these places after clearing the RE4 lake symbol puzzles at these shrines.

How to unlock Resident Evil 4 Small cave shrine

The small cave shrine is to the extreme north of Mural Cave and is marked on the map. It is only accessible by boat.

The small cave shrine in Resident Evil 4 doesn’t house any enemies but the lake symbol puzzle here is a bit difficult to solve. Upon reaching the small cave shrine in RE4, you will notice some strange symbols on the walls painted in yellow color.

There is a locked room with Blasphemer’s head. To unlock it, you need to press specific keys with symbols on a contraption beside the locked gate.

To find these lake symbols, check the left wall outside the room housing the locked door. The first symbol is on the wall (3 wriggling snakes) beside a ladder.

To find the next symbol, climb up the ladder and it will be right in front of you. This symbol is split into two parts. One is on the wooden plank and the other is on the wall behind it. Align your character and camera to make the symbol one. It looks like a curved p and a snake wrapped around a stick.

The third and final symbol is to the left of the second symbol behind a closed door. It is also split into two parts. Align the camera to see it completely. It consists of three strange symbols.

Go back to the small cave shrine door and press the following buttons in any order

  • Left Most (second symbol)
  • Bottom Left (first symbol)
  • Bottom Right (third symbol)

This will complete one of the lake symbol puzzles and you can obtain the first of the two key items, Blasphemer’s head. The small cave shrine room also has Hexagon Piece C to solve another puzzle in the lake. Don’t forget to pick it up.

How to unlock Large cave shrine in RE4

The large cave shrine is to the South of the Small cave shrine and Mural cave. It is only accessible via boat.

Large cave shrine has a lot of enemies so be prepared before venturing there. Upon arriving, the door to the left will be locked. Start moving to the right and kill any enemies in your path. Climb up the ladder and reach the locked room with the same contraption outside.

The first lake symbol is opposite the shrine room and is split across two columns. Align your character and camera to see both symbols.

The second symbol is to the left of the first symbol. Go forward and reach the bridge where you fought Los Gonados. Look to your left and you will see the symbol inscribed on the wall.

The third symbol can be found on a wall on the left of the shrine room. It will only become visible if you jump down from the ladder next to it.

Go back to the shrine door and press the following buttons in any order.

  • Top Left (third symbol)
  • Top Right (second symbol)
  • Bottom (first symbol)

This will unlock the large shrine door in RE4 and you can obtain the second and the last piece of the puzzle, Apostle’s head, from there. Now you are ready to unlock the main cave shrine in Resident Evil 4.

How to obtain Church Key

To get the Church’s key, return to Mural Cave via boat. Place both heads on the hands around the pedestal (order doesn’t matter) and you will end up unlocking the shrine. You will be rewarded with the Church key for opening up this shrine.

It is a necessary item to unlock Church in the village. There you will come across another puzzle (Church Dial puzzle) to rescue Ashley.

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