How to Solve Church Dial Puzzle in Resident Evil 4

Puzzles are a staple of Resident Evil games and Resident Evil 4 remake is no exception. From returning, as is the case with Resident Evil 4 church puzzle, to brand-new ones (sword puzzle in treasury), these puzzles can range from easy to irritating. No need to worry, you can easily tackle at least one following this guide.

The church stained glass puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake is an updated version of the same puzzle in the original game, notorious for its difficulty. Enter the church after getting the Church key and you should see the giant stained glass window with misaligned colors. This is the puzzle you need to solve.

In order to rescue Ashley from the church in Resident Evil 4 during chapter 4, you need to solve a puzzle to arrange colored rights around the Las Plagas symbol. The key word here is “around”. There are two steps to solving the stained glass puzzle in RE4.

Where to find Blue Dial in Resident Evil 4

As soon as you enter the church, go to the podium and flip the switch there. This will unlock a panel with differently colored dials on it. Green and Red dials will be present with the Blue dial missing. However, this is not a big problem. The area of the church is very small in Resident Evil 4, and the Blue Dial can be found in the right corner of the church (Northeast).

Simply pick up the blue dial from the table and return to the puzzle area to start solving it.

Resident Evil 4 Church puzzle solution

After placing the blue dial, you need to start rotating these dials. The objective is to align the stained glass windows so the colored lights make a pattern around the Las Plagas symbol.


It will look like a mess in the beginning but don’t worry and follow the steps in order.

  • Start with the green dial. Rotate it so that the green lights assemble perfectly on the top of Las Plagas symbol. The long leg of the symbol on green dial will be facing West when finished.
  • Now rotate the blue dial until the blue lights align perfectly around the long leg of Las Plagas symbol. The long leg of the symbol on blue dial will be facing North when finished.
  • Time for the red dial. Rotate it to fill in the remaining spots around the symbol. The long leg of Las Plagas symbol will be facing East when finished.

The final result of the church puzzle in Resident Evil 4 should look like this, with all the stained windows forming a pattern.

A door with on the upper left corner of the church will be unlocked leading you to Ashley