Resident Evil 4 Castle Treasury Sword Puzzle Solution

The sword puzzle in the Castle Treasury during chapter 7 of Resident Evil 4 is an interesting one. Resident Evil games have a history of storied puzzles that can easily be solved by paying attention to the details. The Resident Evil 4 Castle Treasury sword puzzle is one such puzzle and a nod to all those legendary puzzles in the original RE trilogy.

The castle treasury room has a locked door with four plaques around it (two on the left and two on the right). These plaques tell the life story of a soldier and his sword from being young to dead and forgotten for years. We are here to help you piece the story together and complete the Resident Evil 4 treasury sword puzzle.

How to complete the Resident Evil 4 Treasury Sword puzzle

There are two parts to the Sword puzzle in Resident Evil 4. Below we will highlight what each image tells about the story of the soldier and his sword

From Left to right

  • The first plague shows the young soldier standing with his sword.
  • He is being knighted in the second plaque.
  • Fighting an enemy during a war in third plaque.
  • His final resting place (an old forgotten grave) with his sword on the tombstone.

As you will notice, one of the swords is missing and the story seems to be incomplete.

How to find the fourth sword for the RE4 sword puzzle?

First, you need to find the fourth sword to complete this puzzle in RE4, as only three are available on the plaques. Once you found the 4th, then place the swords in the correct order on the plaques. Iron, Golden and Rusted swords can be collected from the plaques.


To find the fourth one, Bloodied sword, you need to open another locked gate in the same room.

Fortunately, the gate has three symbols drawn on it. Stag, Bird and Snake. You need to light three braziers with corresponding symbols to open the gate and get the sword for the RE4 treasury puzzle.

Stag: Right next to the locked door. Pull the chain or shoot it.

Bird: Top right on the other side of the door (very near to the door). Shoot it.

Snake: At the back of the locked room you are trying to open. Shoot the brazier through the bars to light it up.

The fourth and final sword can be found embedded into a statue within this room that just opened up.

What is the correct order of swords?

Now comes the second part of the puzzle. Putting the swords in the correct order on plaques.

From left to right

  • Iron sword (a weapon for young soldiers).
  • Golden sword (rose to the ranks of knights).
  • Bloodied sword (defeating his foes in battle)
  • Rusted sword (everything must come to an end. Be it a sword or a person).

This will solve the Castle Treasury sword puzzle and unlock a new path forward for Ashley and Leon in Resident Evil 4.