Remnant: From the Ashes Merchants Locations Guide – Weapons, Materials, Costs

As you explore the world of Remnant: From the Ashes, you will come across many merchants who are interested in selling you goods or even trading some items. These merchants can be very helpful as you might have some items which are useless to you but you can sell them and get good items in return. This guide will include all the details about the merchants in the game and their inventories.

Remnant: From the Ashes Merchants Locations

Each merchant is different as some sell weapons and armors and some sell consumables while some sell boss items. All merchants are useful at a certain point. Let’s take a look at all the merchants:

1. Rigs

Rigs can be found in Ward 13. He sells weapons and armors and can also upgrade your current equipment. His inventory consist of:

  • Shotgun: 600 Scrap
  • Cultist Hat: 150 Scrap
  • Coach Gun: 600 Scrap
  • Scrap Sword: 450 Scrap
  • Hunting Rifle: 600 Scrap
  • Hunter Pants: 350 Scrap
  • Cultist Duster: 500 Scrap
  • Scrap Hatchet: 450 Scrap
  • Cultist Britches: 350 Scrap
  • Hunter Shroud: 150 Scrap
  • Scrap Hammer: 450 Scrap
  • Scrapper Helmet: 150 Scrap
  • Hunter Trenchcoat: 500 Scrap
  • Scrapper Bodyplate: 500 Scrap
  • Scrapper Workboots: 350 Scrap

2. McCabe

McCabe can be found in Ward 13. She provides weapon mods and crafting. Her inventory consists of:

  • Hot Shot: 750 Scrap
  • Hunter’s Mark: 750 Scrap
  • Mender’s Aura: 750 Scrap

3. Ace

Ace can be found in Ward 13. She only sells crafting materials. Her inventory will increase as you progress in the game. Her inventory consists of:

  • Iron: 10 Scrap
  • Forged Iron: 25 Scrap
  • Hardened Iron: 75 Scrap
  • Galvanized Iron: 50 Scrap
  • Lumenite Crystals: 300 Scrap

4. Reggie

Reggie can be found in Ward 13. He only sells consumables. His inventory consists of:

  • Bandage: 50 Scrap
  • Greenleaf: 50 Scrap
  • Adrenaline: 50 Scrap
  • Bloodwort: 100 Scrap
  • Ammo Box: 200 Scrap
  • Oilskin Tonic: 50 Scrap
  • Hydro Coolant: 50 Scrap
  • Heavy Water Elixir: 50 Scrap
  • Orb of Undoing: 2,500 Scrap

5. Root Mother

Root Mother can be found in the Church of the Harbinger in Ward 13. She was once a human but later turned into a human-robot hybrid. She can upgrade your Dragon Heart.

6. Twisted Mask Merchant

He can be found Junktown on Earth. He sells materials. You can get the Twisted Mask headpiece he wears by killing him.

7. Mud Tooth

He can be found in an old helicopter above Mud Tooth’s Hideout on Earth. His inventory consists of:

  • Ammo Box: 200 Scrap
  • Mudtooth’s Stew: 500 Scrap
  • Mudtooth’s Tonic: 500 Scrap

8. Houndmaster

He can be found in The Stalker’s Den in Rhom. He can sell you Houndmaster Jerky. If you try to attack the Stalkers in the area you will have a boss fight with Maul on your hands. Defeating Maul and Houndmaster earns you Control Rod.

9. Wud

He can be found at The Scouring Wastes at Rhom. He sells consumables and rings. His inventory consists of:

  • Bloodwort: 100 Scrap
  • Ammo Box: 200 Scrap
  • Mender’s Charm: 500 Scrap
  • Heavy Water Elixir: 50 Scrap
  • Jewel of the Black Sun: 400 Scrap

If you purchase all the secrets from Wud you will get an option to buy the Osseous Armor Set. Do note that she cannot be killed.

10. The Elf Queen

She can be found in Corus. She sells a few consumables and a weapon.

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