Remnant 2 Labyrinth Sentinel Boss Guide

The Labyrinth Sentinel is a giant cube-like boss that splits into smaller version of itself in Remnant 2. Here is how to defeat it.

The Labyrinth Sentinel Boss is a giant purplish moving maze that guards the Labyrinth in Remnant 2. Upon encountering this enemy boss, you’ll find it splitting into other giant cubes. You will be tasked with defeating all of these to take down the Labyrinth Sentinel to be able to proceed further.

What makes this boss fight a challenge is the fact that the Labyrinth Sentinel will be constantly moving to attack you. You need to be quick on your feet, or risk taking tons of damage. This guide discusses how you can easily defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel in Remnant 2’s Apocalypse and standard difficulty modes.

Labyrinth Sentinel Location in Remnant 2

As the name suggests, the Labyrinth Sentinel is the guardian of the Labyrinth in Remnant 2 and, hence, must be fought inside the Labyrinth biome. Note that this is a main story, boss, meaning you must face it eventually to progress through the game.

You can gain access to the Labyrinth biome, and the boss fight against the Labyrinth Sentinel right after you complete the Yaesha biome. This boss is the Keeper’s last resort, and the fight against it takes place in a maze-like arena of stone walls. The boss can be found just beyond the Fractured Ingress checkpoint.

General Strategy

The fight against the Labyrinth Sentinel is straightforward, provided you know what to do. The fight isn’t very fast-paced either, and all you need is a gun with a long range and a few movement skills.

As for a general strategy, you can remove almost all of the cubes from the starting area. Remember to take down the ones in the air, especially those above you.

Moreover, the starting area also has a few corners that are safe from the large holograms that the flying cubes shoot at you and hence can be avoided easily here.

Once the flying cubes are dealt with, you can shift your focus to the ones on the ground. Only a few shots will be enough to remove the weakness from the center. Moreover, note that the destroyed weaknesses create invaginations on the surfaces of the ground cube, under which you are safe in case you land under the rolling cube.


The Labyrinth Sentinel does not have an Alt Kill

Note that four cubes are in the air, and three are rolling on the ground. To defeat the boss completely, remove all seven cubes and deplete the red health bar at the top.

Attacks and Counters

The Labyrinth Sentinel will split into multiple equal giant-sized cubes. Some of these will be targeting you from the air. The ones on the ground beside you will keep rolling occasionally, so stay off their track and dodge them.

The cubes in the air will be targeting you with lethal purple projectiles. So, make sure to evade these attacks as much as possible. You can shoot these projectiles to disarm them in Remnant 2.

On the other hand, the cubes on the ground don’t do much except roll around a designated area. However, if it manages to crush you underneath, it will kill you instantly.


Learn the movement patterns of the Labyrinth Sentinel to work out which spaces are safe to be around. Generally, you’ll want to avoid any area close to where the cubes roll.

Weaknesses and Weak Spot

This enemy boss will have one weakness that will resonate from the cubes in the form of a small white light. This weakness will be visible on specific sides of the cube and placed in the center.  

Take out your weapon with long range and attack the glowing lights. The cubes move around to protect themselves, so you must time your shots correctly. Do this until the cube loses its purple aura. Once that happens, the cube cannot take further damage.

This enemy boss will have one weakness, which will resonate from the cubes in the form of a small white light. This weakness will be visible on all sides of the cube and placed in the center.


You can not skip the Labyrinth Sentinel as this is a mandatory boss fight.

Take out your weapon with long range and attack the glowing lights. The cubes move around to protect themselves so you need to time your shots right. Do this until the cube loses its glow. Once that happens, the cube cannot take further damage.

Repeat the process for other cubes until the bar on the top of the screen runs out.

How to cheese the Labyrinth Sentinel?

If you’re struggling with the Labyrinth Sentinel, you can cheese this boss for an easy victory. When you’re in front of the boss arena, take the stairs leading up on the right instead of walking straight ahead, which will take you to a secret hidden path. Walk across the animated bridge then drop straight down by heading to your right again.

Press forward, and another bridge should appear. Cross it, and you’ll find a portal here. Instead of going through the portal, go behind it. If you look over the precipice, you should see another portal. Drop down into it.

You’ll be teleported to a new area with stairs directly in front of you and another portal to the left of the landing. Go through this portal, then immediately leave into a small doorway. Follow the path and you’ll come upon a room where you’ll find a cube that you can shoot.

This is the final cube you must shoot when fighting the boss using the conventional method. Taking it out beforehand makes the fight significantly easier.


In defeating the enemy boss, Labyrinth Sentinel, to complete the quest, you will receive the following rewards in Remnant 2. These will include: 

  • Hand Gun Ammo (x80) 
  • Lumenite Crystal (x6) 
  • Scrap (x825) 
  • Tome of Knowledge (+1 Trait Point) 
  • Conflux Prism (x1) 

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