How To Get The Tarnished Ring In Remnant 2

Want to go old school and fight with your hands. Might as well bump up the damage output using the Tarnished Ring in Remnant 2.

Some items in Remnant 2 are going to be easy to get but harder to put to good use much like the Tarnished Ring.

It is one of the earlier items you will be able to find in the game. The ring itself gives your unarmed attacks a 30% boost. It means that if you attack a monster with your fists, the damage dealt will be slightly more than it normally is.

Is it something that tickles your fancy? Come along because we are going to tell you all about how you can get it.

The Tarnished Ring location in Remnant 2

The Tarnished Ring in Remnant 2 might be one of the easiest items to get. That is because there is no prior quest, no enemy to defeat, no dungeon to clear, nothing at all. All you have to do in order to get the ring is to go to Ward 13.

It is the base of operations for humans and the first area you will visit in Remnant 2. In Ward 13, you will come across the Armor Merchant. Near his shop is going to be a ladder that is going to take you to the upper section of the building.

Follow the walkway, take a right, and head straight into a room with a man sleeping on the bed. Now this is where it is going to vary for everyone. That man will either be sleeping in his bed or standing on the walkway outside.


There is a good chance that he will be sleeping, in which case, you can only go about your business and come back at a later time. You might have to do this a couple of times because the man just keeps sleeping.

Fast forward to the point when you find the man awake and standing on the walkway. Approach him and talk to him. He will try to tell you a story but stop before he can even begin. Interact with him again and he will hesitate again. You gotta keep interacting with him over and over again until he tells you the story.

Once he is done with his tale, he will give you the Tarnished Ring as a reward for all the efforts you made. First for waiting for him to wake up and then hearing his story. Just kidding. He just doesn’t want it and decides to give it to you.

Remnant 2 Tarnished Ring Builds

As simple as it is to get the ring, the harder it is to make it work. The Tarnished Ring in Remnant 2 will make your unarmed attacks 30% more effective. In a game like Remnant 2, with guns and weapons as the main focus, you are not going to be dealing with monsters with your bare hands.

But hey, if you are crazy enough to do that, this just might be the ring for you. You can get this one early on in the game and have some fun with it.

There will be some enemies roaming around randomly that will be a fun test dummy for a fistfight. You can make a whole melee-fist-only build to mess around. If you mean business then you can definitely go for something more serious like a High DPS Build.

When all fails, you will always have your hands to keep you alive but do not expect too much from them, unless you shoot bullets out of them.

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