Remnant 2 Shrewd Boss Guide

The Shrewd is an archer type boss that will pepper you with arrows in Remnant 2. He can also summon pods to damage you and also can slash you.

Shrewd is a boss in Remnant 2 which has a unique fighting style. This boss primarily uses a bow and arrow to attack you at range and also summons some pods to help. He also has a melee attack that can easily be avoided. It is an optional boss but it is worth it if you take him out.

You will get a nice reward after the battle which you can use to make a weapon mod. Now, let us see where you can find this boss and how you can defeat it. 

Where to find Shrewd in Remnant 2 

The Shrewd can be found in the Forbidden Grove region of Yaesha world. Make your towards the Expanding Glade in this region which will have a fast travel point near the fog gate. Make your way toward the boss fog gate and pass through it to find the Shrewd boss in Remnant 2. 

The Expanding Grove is a mob-filled area so be prepared to face them. The boss will be generated randomly and you will have to do a few rerolls to find the Shrewd. A cutscene will play out as you pass through the fog gate. This is your cue that the fight is about to begin.

How to defeat Shrewd in Remnant 2 

When you enter the arena, you will find a big tree in the middle and three platforms from where the Shrewd will fire arrows from. Periodically, he will teleport to the ground to deal melee damage. Finally, the Shrewd will summon minions as a distraction.

The Shrewd has some attack patterns which make it a tough foe. The first is that the Shrewd will shoot arrows from the platforms towards you. The shrewd will either shoot the arrows in the air which will land in your direction or shoot two arrows towards you in quick succession.


The next attack is that the Shrewd will teleport to the ground and deal slashing damage. He will sprint towards you and can swipe his blade to deal immense damage. Avoid the first two strikes and then run as far away from him as you can. He will eventually give up and get back to his perch.

Finally, the Shrewd will summon pods which will summon some minions to aid it in battle. Quickly take them out and then focus on the boss. You won’t be able to damage him when the pods are around.

The Shrewd has his weak spot on its head in Remnant 2. As such, you should target this area if you want to bring it down quickly. Avoid the attacks mentioned before and target the head as often as you can.

Rewards for defeating the Shrewd 

When the Shrewd is defeated you will receive some random loot. You will get some Lumenite Crystals, Scraps, and some ammo.

Along with these items, you will get the Tome of Knowledge which will grant you one trait point and a Soul Silver. This is a crafting material that can also be bought from Cass at Ward 13. 

The Soul Silver can be used to craft the Rotted Arrow mod. This mod fires an arrow that deals 20 damage and detonates with a radius of 4m with 60 damage dealt to anyone in it. It also leaves a poison cloud that deals additional 200 damage around the site for 5s.

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