Remnant 2: The Great Sewers Safe Code And Location

The safe within The Great Sewers in Remnant 2 can be difficult to open as the entire room is filled with possible safe codes so finding the...

In Remnant 2 there are many ways to find gears and resources and one of these ways are safes located around the world. These safes may give you various items that can help you upgrade your character and progress through the game. The Great Sewers in Losomn also contain one such safe in Remnant 2 but the safe code can be quite a challenge to figure out.

Where to find the Safe in the Sewers in Remnant 2

Since dungeons have a pretty random layout in Remnant 2, we can’t give the exact location of the safe. However, in our world, the safe’s location was pretty easy to find. We just traveled straight, after a right turn, along the main path of the sewers of Losomn from the start of The Great Sewers. The same place where you get the quest that can reward you Dria’s Anklet.

How to open the safe in The Great Sewers in Remnant 2

Once you enter the room, there would be an iron safe right in front of you. Once you get close to it, you will notice that there is a broken wall with numbers written on it. There is a lamp from which the light falls onto the numbers and one of the numbers glows. This is the first digit of the safe code in Remnant 2 sewers.

The number and its position are important here as you need to input them in the correct order. It is the key as the room is filled with numbers and the correct number glows when light falls on it. The lamp can also be broken.

Remnant 2 Sewers Safe Code

Now take out your flashlight (Press L by default) and move around. You might see a number on the back of your wall glowing in my case it is 8. In your case, it might be different as the game randomizes everything. While the numbers are the same, the order of them to be used for the safe code is different.

Remnant 2 Sewers Safe Code

Now we have two of the four numbers required to unlock the safe. Go to the stairs and as you go forward you should be able to find your third number above the roof of the wooden shed.

Remnant 2 Sewers Safe Code

Go straight from there keeping your flashlight on and you will see wooden planks. Shoot these planks as the last number is behind these planks. Once you shoot them, it will break and the final number will be revealed. In my case, it was 1.

Remnant 2 Sewers Safe Code

Now walk back to the Safe and press E (By default) to open the safe combination. Place the numbers at the right positions as they were written when searching for them. In my case, the first number is 3 followed by 5, 8 and 1.

The most common combinations for the safe in Remnant 2 sewers are 8-5-3-1 and 5-8-1-3. Unfortunately, in my case, it was none of them so don’t panic if it is the same for your case. Press the interact button again and your safe will be opened.

The Great Sewers Safe reward

After unlocking the Great Sewer Safe, you will receive the Rusted Heirloom ring. The ring buffs players with 2 stacks of the Bulwark status effect when their health drops below 50%, This way any further damage taken is significantly reduced, giving players time to heal or run to safety.

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