How To Get The Rusty Medal In Remnant 2

The Rusty Medal is an important item in Remnant 2 that let's you unlock the Hunter Archetype. Here's how to get it and use it.

Remnant 2 allows you to use and play several Archetypes in the game. These are character classes with which you can enjoy a certain playstyle. Hunter Archetype is among those, which you can use from the start. It is also available as a secondary Archetype which you can unlock by crafting its Engram with the Rusty Medal.

If you like sniping enemies from afar then the Hunter Archetype is for you. This class is exceptional at attacking weak spots, which allows your allies to finish them.

Getting your hands on the Rusty Medal is simple because you don’t have to grind for hours to get it. All you need to do is talk to a particular character.

Rusty Medal Location in Remnant 2

Rusty Medal map Remnant 2

Getting the Rusty Medal is an easy task because all you have to do is buy it from Brabus in Ward 13. The ward is a hub where you can find the majority of the merchants in the game. He resides at the firing range and sells weapons and precious items. One of which will be the Rusty Medal.

It will set you back by 1,500 Scraps, almost the cost of a new gun. You will need 1,000 scraps for crafting the Engram along with some Lumenite Crystals.

You can buy Lumentie Crystals for 300 Scarps each from Cass (another merchant in Ward 13) or kill Elite enemies and pick crystals from their bodies. Once you have at least 2500 Scraps and 10 Lumenite Crystals, head over to the firing range to meet Brabus. Purchase the Rusty Medal from him and head over to Wallace to craft your Engram.


How to use the Rusty Medal in Remnant 2

There is only one use of Rusty Medal; to use it to craft the Engram of Hunter Archetype. So, after having the Rusty Medal in your inventory and other necessary items (1000 Scraps and 10 Lumneite Crystals), head over to Wallace.

Give him all the items, and he will craft you Sniper War Medal Engram. If you equip this Engram in your secondary Engram slot, you can use Hunter Archetype. You’ll get access to all its perks, abilities, and skills.

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