How To Get The Royal Broadsword In Remnant 2

Despite its regular appearance, the Royal Broadsword does some of the highest weapon and stagger damage in Remnant 2.

The Royal Broadsword is another massive and menacing-looking greatword in Remnant 2. This particular melee weapon is wielded by the personal royal guards of the Eternal Empress, which you are going to know for yourself since dying to them is how you get the Royal Broadsword.

Bulky in design but with razor-sharp edges, the Royal Broadsword becomes a force of reckoning in the right hands, or at least in the hands of a player who is building a melee character in Remnant 2.

The Royal Broadsword location in Remnant 2

The Royal Broadsword is located in the world of Yaesha where you need to complete an event called Arrest after encountering the Eternal Empress.

Something important to note here is that you need to do the Arrest event before defeating the Corrupted Ravager, the world boss of Yaesha.

If you defeat the world boss first, you will not be able to trigger the event by meeting the Eternal Empress later on. This is because the story progress will put you on good terms with the Queen. There will no longer be any need for hostilities.

To unlock the Royal Broadsword, make your way to Yaesha and make sure that your starting location is the Red Throne. After spawning, head straight for the temple until you see a red door.


As soon as you interact with the door a conversation will start with the Empress asking you for help, however, you will be choosing to fight her rather than help her.

Her guards will start attacking you, and you need to die here. You will then be thrown in prison where the Empress will come and meet you. Try to conversate with her by choosing polite dialogue even when she is being rough and raggedy in the cut scenes.

As soon as the cut scenes end head on out over to the right side of the prison cell where you will need to go up a flight of stairs and fight with one of those Empress guards. Defeating the guard will allow you to access a ledge right where he was standing.

Climb the ledge and gain access to your new massive rampage with the Royal Broadsword in Remnant 2.

Is the Royal Broadsword good in Remnant 2?

The Royal Broadsword is another excellent melee weapon like the Iron Greatsword. It too comes without any built-in weapon mods and mutators, but you do get an empty slot to add your own modifications.

Despite its regular appearance, the Royal Broadsword does some of the highest weapon and stagger damage in Remnant 2. This overwhelming melee weapon is not going to disappoint you, though you will have to die to get your hands on it. That means you cannot get it in a hardcore playthrough, which just says volumes about its power.

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