Remnant 2 Rot Boss Guide

The Rot is a mini-boss that appears in an event in the Yaesha world at three locations. It's not much of a threat if you know how to kill it.

The Rot is an optional mini-boss that you might come across in the Yaesha world in Remnant 2. He’s found in three different locations during an event.

It is a difficult boss because it deals both melee and ranged damage so you will need to keep the dodge key handy. Although the fight with the rot is a bit difficult, the reward you get from the fight is worth it.

Here is how you can take down the Rot boss in the game.

Where to find Rot in Remnant 2 

The Rot is an optional boss you will find in Remnant 2. This boss is found during the event called The Coffin. This event might come up in three different areas. It will have a coffin that you can open to reveal a way forward.  

You will also find a Berserker Crest on your way through the coffin. As you go forward, you’ll encounter the Rot along the way. The event is found in three locations which are The Chimney, The Twisted Chantry, and The Lament. 

How to defeat Rot in Remnant 2

The Rot will appear as a red-glowing boss who has axes in his hands. He’ll use both melee and ranged attacks against you that you can easily dodge with the right timing.


The Rot has a weak spot that you can take advantage of which is the shiny glowing thing near its face in Elden Ring. Make sure to target it all the time.  

In its first attack pattern, it will swing the axes two times in front of it. You can dodge this attack easily by moving out of the way. The Rot will not try to pursue you so you can put some distance between yourself and it.

In the second attack pattern, the rot will lunge toward you and swing its axe. This is a bit difficult to dodge especially if you are too close.

Finally, the rot will throw the two axes toward you. These axes will also explode when they impact. The rot will throw the axes in quick succession so you will need to evade that allows you to clear them and the ensuing explosions.

Other than that, use every available opportunity to attack him and he’ll go down eventually. Target the weak spot on its face and the Rot will take damage in Remnant 2. 

Rewards for defeating Rot 

Once the Rot is defeated you will get random loot as well as the Extender mutator. This one is specifically designed for ranged weapons. It will give you an increase in the magazine clip size by about 20%. Thus helping you shoot for longer periods of time.

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