Remnant 2: How To Complete Nameless Nest Temple Puzzle

Get to know hot to turn the dials to solve the brain-busting Yaesha puzzle in Remnant 2.

During your time with Remnant 2, you’ll encounter many puzzles that test your problem-solving prowess. One such puzzle is the Remnant 2 Nameless Nest puzzle. Located in the Nameless Temple area in the Yaesha world, it becomes accessible after you defeat the area boss, Mother Mind.

The puzzles involve a plethora of symbols. Solving this nameless puzzle in Remnant 2 can be quite difficult, and due to the randomized nature of the game, it may appear different for some. In this guide, we’ll go over how you can solve the Nameless Nest Temple puzzle in Remnant 2 and its location.

Remnant 2 Nameless Nest Temple Puzzle location

The Nameless Nest is located in the world of Yaesha in Remnant 2. The map above will give you a general idea of the location. The hidden nest temple puzzle is located within this area. This location contains a boss named Mother Mind, the ancestor of all the Root Flyers in Yaesha.

Depending on what your starting world was, the Nameless Nest Temple puzzle might be the earliest puzzle you encounter in Remnant 2, which you need to complete to go after the boss. This area is also a great place to farm Blood Moon Essence, a highly sought-after crafting material in Remnant 2.  

Another way to get to the puzzle is through a secret locked door. The door is found in the boss arena. To access it, you must go to your left and follow the path until you reach the door. Do note that this door only opens up once you defeat the boss, and it does not require a key to access.

Beyond the door, you’ll find a room that has no items to loot, along with a bridge that leads you to the puzzle 

Remnant 2 Nameless Nest Temple puzzle solution

The front of the temple has two staircases which go to an elevator. Take note that between the two staircases, there is an illusionary wall. There appears to be nothing beyond the wall, but if you pass through it, it will allow you to enter a secret room.

Find the Dial

After entering the secret room through the hidden wall, you’ll find a dial that has some symbols engraved on it. In front of the dial is a locked room that can only be accessed using the correct code. The code may be different for you, given the randomized nature of the game, so the next few steps are pivotal. 

Remnant 2 Nameless Nest Temple puzzle

Activate the elevator

Now go back to the front of the temple, move up to the stairs, and head to the elevator. Stand on the elevator to activate it and quickly move back. As the elevator moves up, you will see several symbols engraved on it. Remember these symbols or if you can’t do that it is better to record it. The symbols would look like this.

Remnant 2 Nameless Nest Temple puzzle


The other workaround is to move downstairs and look at the tower of the temple. It will show all of the symbols engraved on the elevator. Taking a screenshot is better to save the symbols.

Once you have gotten a hold of the symbols, go back to the secret room. Here you must interact (press E by default) with the dial. Now move the plates on the dial one by one. The outermost plate should be identical to the top symbol of the elevator. Likewise, the other three symbols.

Once you have completed the combination, Press the Activate Plinth button (E by default) to open the gate.

Remnant 2 Nameless Nest Temple puzzle

Nameless Nest puzzle reward

After you have solved the Nameless Nest tower puzzle in Remnant 2, you will receive a Blooming Heart Relic. You will find it placed inside the locked room. This relic is quite useful as it heals 35% of the maximum health of the caster. The duration of healing is 5 seconds, and in addition, it spawns 3x healing orbs.

The orbs also grant 35% of the maximum health of the caster, and the healing lasts for 5 seconds. Upon recasting the relic, the previously spawned orbs are replaced by new ones.

Whether you are a solo player or you like to play with your friends, this is a very useful relic. The relic provides a player with 140% of their health for 20 seconds or can heal their enemy sufficiently.

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