How To Find The Secret Blooming Heart Relic In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, Blooming Heart is one of the secret relics you use to heal yourself in the game to survive the difficult encounters.

In Remnant 2, Blooming Heart is one of the secret relics you use to heal yourself in the game. You can pick this up from a secret room, and reaching it is kind of a puzzle. Blooming Heart is a powerful item because it can heal a certain amount of health immediately.

In addition, it also generates a healing orb that you can use during battle. Now that you know the benefits it can provide, let’s jump into the details of how to find the Blooming Heart.

How to find the secret Blooming Heart relic In Remnant 2

Start your journey for the secret relic by traveling to The Expanding Galde. From there, make your way to the bell tower in the Nameless Nest, as shown in the image below.

When you are at the bell tower, ascend the stairs ahead. Go up until you see the elevator-like structure ahead, as shown in the image below. When you climb up two sets of stairs, and you are near the elevator in Remnant 2, hop in.

When you see the elevator moving, quickly hop out of the elevator. Turn around, and you will see symbols going up. Remember these symbols because you will need to enter the symbols in the exact order.

Since the order of symbols is generated randomly, you will most likely get a different set of symbols in Remnant 2. If you are having trouble remembering them, take photos of them. Go down and return to your original position. Approach the wall as marked in the image.


This wall is an illusion, and you will pass through it. You will enter a secret room in Remnant 2 with a mechanism and vault upfront. Interact with the mechanism; you must rotate each layer to match the order you see after you get off the elevator.

Arrange the symbols in the correct order from top to bottom. If you can’t remember the symbols and their order, you can go outside and repeat the same steps to get your new order of symbols. After arranging the symbols, Activate the Plinth button to lock in your order.

If you arrange them correctly, the vault will open. Head inside the vault and interact with the relic ahead to get the Blooming Heart in Remnant 2.

Blooming Heart relic effects

Blooming Heart is a healing relic that can heal your HP, which comes in handy when fighting a more formidable opponent. It can heal 35% of your max health upon use. But it can only last for 5 seconds.

In addition to healing, it also casts three healing orbs. These healing orbs work the same way as the Blooming Heart (healing 35% of your health for 5 seconds). These orbs can only last for 20 seconds and disappear if you use the Blooming Heart again.

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