Remnant 2 Mother Mind Boss Guide

The Mother Mind boss is a large optional boss with devastating attacks that bring the whole arena down in Remnant 2. Here's how to defeat it.

Mother Mind is an optional boss that you can find in the world of Yaesha in Remnant 2. This boss is responsible for producing all the Root flyers that infest the entire Yaesha.

Mother’s mind also has the ability to destroy a part of the arena in which you fight it. Hence, you need to stay on your toes throughout the fight.  

It can also spawn minions that can be very annoying to deal with if they happen to surround you. All her attacks have slow startup animation so dodging them is easy if you are attentive. 

Where to find Mother Mind in Remnant 2  

The Mother Mind is found in the Nameless Nest located in the world of Yaesha. This boss fight is not tied to the main storyline so it’s optional. As soon as you enter the room whose door is clouded with mist, the boss fight will commence. 

How to defeat Mother Mind in Remnant 2

There will be a large cross-shaped glowing mark on the Mother Mind’s head. This is its weak spot and you need to target it to bring it down. Shooting at that spot deals extra damage.

It will spawn small minions during the fight but they can be dealt with swiftly with a few well-placed shots. Make sure to kill them as soon as they appear, or they will swarm you. 


The room in which this boss fight takes place comprises the stone platform on which you stand. Mother Mind has the ability to destroy these platforms with a smashing attack in Remnant 2. If the platform on which you stand is destroyed, you will fall into the abyss below and die. 

Watch out for the distinct animation for this attack and move to a different platform as soon as this attack starts. Before the smashing attack, Mother Mind jumps high in the air and that will be your cue to move away.

Another attack to watch out for is the spinning claw attack. Mother Mind extends both its claws outwards and sweeps them across the ground. It can deal devastating damage if you are caught in it. This attack can be evaded either by jumping with precise timing or running out of its area of effect altogether. 

Between these attacks, target the weak spot on Mother Mind’s head as often as you in Remnant 2. Use your highest damaging guns to speed up the process and it will go down.

Rewards for defeating Mother Mind 

The following are the rewards for defeating the Mother Mind boss in Remnant 2: 

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