How To Solve Remnant 2 Losomn Palace Courtyard Mural Puzzle 

To solve the ornate gate mural puzzle in Remnant 2, you first need to find two masks which are a part of two murals present on the ground.

Losomn in Remnant 2 is not only home to horrific creatures, but it also houses a magnificent palace that can only be accessed by completing its mural puzzle. Upon arrival at the Losomn Palace Courtyard in Remnant 2, its huge ornate door is locked with a puzzle, and you can’t open it no matter what. Upon a little inquiry, it will become evident that you need to find certain objects to complete two murals that will result in opening the gate.

Puzzles in action games like Remnant 2 provide a moment of respite from all the action and adrenaline rush. However, they can prove frustrating for some players. This guide will help you overcome your irritation by thoroughly guiding you through the whole process of acquiring both masks and opening the ornate gate in return.

Remnant 2 Losomn Palace Courtyard Puzzle solution

To open the ornate gate in the Losomn Palace courtyard in Remnant 2 that leads to Faelin, an impostor and the final boss of Losomn, you first need to find two masks. These masks are parts of two murals present on the ground in front of the locked door.

Both murals are missing their faces and are placed inverted to each other. This is a perfect representation of the puzzle as their masks are present in two different identical palaces but inverted to each other, Beatific Palace and Malefic Palace.

How to find Faelin mural piece in Remnant 2

To find the first mural piece Faelin, turn right from the checkpoint in the Palace courtyard. Climb two sets of stairs and then turn left. Once again climb three more steps of stairs until you reach a lift in a small room. Use the lift to go down and reach Beatific Palace. 

Keep going straight until you reach the next checkpoint in a large hall. climb the stairs on the left and they will take you to the library on the upper floor. Turn left and then take a right to enter a narrow corridor. Pass the corridor to see a statue with a glowing object. Interact with the statue to obtain the Faelin Mural piece.

Finding the next mural piece is a very long and daunting task. Due to the RNG nature of Remnant 2, it can and will get a bit confusing for you.

How to obtain Magic Quill from Jester

The next step involves going to Malefic palace which houses the Faerin mural piece. However, this inverted palace is hidden with magic by none other than the jester himself. You need to find the jester in this step to obtain his Quill that can open doors to secret areas in Ironborough.

Jester is hiding in the bowels of Beatific palace. Turn left from the statue and go up to reach the library once more. The path to the basement of the palace goes through the library. Keep going down through the holes in walls with no doors (damaged walls that don’t match the rest of the palace). Jester can be found in a small room sitting on a pile of bones. We have marked his exact location on the map so you can find him easily.

Talk to Jester and he will bestow his magic quill upon the players. Take the magic quill and return to the main library room. It can be done by finding an elevator in the basement and then unlocking the door to reach the library directly.

You will notice a strange wall in library with glowing symbols on it. Interact with the wall and you will use the Jester’s Quill automatically. This will open a door to alternate Ironborough and you will get one step closer to solving the mural puzzle in Remnant 2.

Reaching the Malefic Palace

Here things get interesting and somewhat worrisome. Ironborough is created through RNG for each player on each run. This is where we can’t give you definite pointers on where to proceed. However, we can tell you how to exit this area. Look out for glowing doors like the one you opened in the library with magic quill. 

For us, the door was present in the sewers. It can be a very long trek (like us), or you may find it with relative ease. However, there is one constant in every case, a boss guarding that door.

We had to fight the Bloat King inside the sewers. After defeating any boss that you come across, move forward and pass through the glowing door to reach Malefic Palace.

How to find Faerin mural piece in Remnant 2

The next step involves finding the jester once more. He is the guardian of Faerin mural piece (mask), and you need to defeat him in a game of wits now. From the checkpoint in Malefic palace. Go straight and use the elevator to reach the upper floor.

You can see Joker sitting on the railing. Upon your arrival, he will pull out 5 cards, each with a face on it. All these cards are gateways to different areas, but we only need to follow the one that contains the shape of the Faerin mural mask (unique one).

Look closely at the mask we have marked on the picture and follow it carefully when the Jester shuffles them. Don’t lose track of the card. Once the Jester stops shuffling the cards, open the door created by the card you are following. This door leads to a hidden location from where you can obtain Faerin mural piece from a statue. 

Go back to the checkpoint in Malefic Palace and use it to fast travel to the Losomn Palace courtyard. Insert Faerin mural piece on the first mural (dirty one) and Faelin mural piece on the second mural in the ground. This will open the ornate gate and allows you to proceed forward in Remnant 2.

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