Remnant 2 Ending Explained

The Remnant 2 ending sequence has a lot going on in it and players have been confused as to what it all means. We explain more in this piece.

The Action RPG Remnant 2 is a continuation of the game with the same name, which takes place a few decades into the future. You are tasked with stopping the Root that has taken over countless worlds. The game will take you across multiple worlds, and you’ll defeat all manner of enemies along the way, and then you’ll get the ending in Remnant 2.

You will make different decisions while playing the game, but the ending remains the same in all scenarios. You will approach Root Earth, where you fight Annihilation, the game’s final boss and the Root’s corruption source.

As the boss seemingly gets defeated, it is discovered that the fight is progressing to a second round. The boss starts regenerating itself, leaving you and everyone else shocked. The ending sequence now begins and can be confusing for many to understand.

What happens in the ending of Remnant 2?

As you engage in brutal combat with Annihilation and witness its reality-warping potential, things get out of hand. After a long fight sequence, when you think you have defeated the boss, it shows that it can regenerate.

The scene gets interesting when the Keeper and Clementine finally reunite with you at the arena and witness the great fight with the Root’s Incarnation. Three of you are convinced that the adversary is invincible in direct combat, and you have to adopt another method for getting rid of it.

The Keeper proposes that there are only two routes to take now, either to submit to Root’s will or do a complete reset of the world, purging it of Root’s corruption.


Clementine’s Fate

While everyone contemplates different possibilities, Clementine concludes that Annihilation cannot be defeated and submits to her fate. She grabs the Index from the Keeper’s control and absorbs the whole existence into her mortal body.

All we can see is the Index as a white shining substance. This appears to be a reset to give your character another chance at defeating the Root. It is a re-roll of the game, akin to a new game plus, but things are different.

Your progress towards your character will be there, but the world will be reset. However, there will be differences in the order of events, the locations, and how everything is structured in your game. As to why Clementine did that? It can be a way to set up the DLC if it ever gets released or the next game.

Was the Root Destroyed

Clementine’s sacrifice worked but only partially. Although she successfully reset the world, she managed to rewind to a time when the Root had already infected several worlds.

The Keeper’s words were yet to be realized since they said that only a full reset might be able to rid the worlds of the Root. But how and when that happens is not shown in the ending.

How to get the Post-Credit scene in Remnant 2

As the credits roll, you may feel disappointed by seeing all your efforts wasted with no satisfactory ending. However, there’s a catch here.

A post-credit scene shows the next possibilities of what could happen after the reset event. To get it, you must keep watching the credits as they roll without skipping, and you’ll see a brief, secret post-credit scene.

We see the Keeper walking toward a shining piece of the Index, gazing silently at the object. The Index then vanishes as the Keeper turns his back on it, going somewhere unknown.

A piece of exultant music shows all the green lands, stone buildings, and people returning to their actual forms instead of data or energy. In the ending couple of seconds, we see the protagonist lying in a peaceful grassy area, who wakes up from a deep sleep and gasps as the scene closes.

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