Remnant 2 Corrupted Save Files Fix

If you are playing Remnant 2 on PC, there is a workaround to restore your corrupted save files. This issue should be fixed in the future.

Where the majority of Wanderers have been thoroughly enjoying their adventures through the magnificent multiverse infested with evil Root out for your blood, everyone’s mileage may vary.

Multiple reports have been coming in where the players are facing issues with corrupted save game files in Remnant 2. Often times when you relaunch the game, it can’t reload your game from the last checkpoint because of corrupted save files.

This issue can simply be infuriating because let’s face it, corrupted save files are a gamer’s nightmare and is up on the list along with lag, cheaters, and slow internet.

How to fix Corrupted Save Files in Remnant 2

As of 26th of July, 2023, Remnant 2’s official Twitter has tweeted that they are working on the known issues and they will be addressed soon.

We can expect the patch to hit our systems pretty soon but if you are one of the impatient ones, then don’t worry because we have got the fix for you.


Thankfully, Remnant 2 keeps a backup of save files and you can replace your current corrupted file with a backup file in hopes of it working. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Go to your Steam Library on your drive and located Saved Games.
  2. Inside Saved Games, look for Remnant 2 and then navigate to the Steam directory.
  3. If you are running multiple Steam accounts on your PC then you should have multiple Steam ID folders but if that’s not the case, you should only have a single folder with your Steam ID.
  4. Inside the folder, you should see all of your save files along with the backups. You can take a few extra measures by backing up your whole folder elsewhere in case the whole “I can fix it” adventure turns into a fiasco.
  5. Once you have the out of the way, you can delete your .sav file but make sure to copy the name exactly because you are going to need it later.
  6. Now take the name you have copied and rename the .bak1 file because that is your latest backup file. The bigger the number, the older the backup.
  7. Once you have renamed the file, you should restart Steam and try playing the game again, hopefully, you now will have your progress restored.


If you are on a console then there is nothing you can do because every save file is stored on the cloud and there is no way for you to manually access them. The best you can do is accept your fate and buckle up to slay some monsters once again.  

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