How To Save Your Game In Remnant 2

Wondering how to save your game and progression in Remnant 2? Here is how you do that, including backing up your save files.

Knowing how to save your game at every important point in the campaign is how you keep your progression intact in Remnant 2.

Considering the number of puzzles you have to solve, enemies to kill, bosses to defeat, and decisions to make, saving your progression becomes important. In addition, the procedural generation of Remnant 2 makes it even more annoying if you were to lose your save files.

How to save your game in Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 features a fairly simple and easy-to-use auto-save system that saves your game and progression in numerous ways. There is, unfortunately, no way to manually save your progression. There is also no need due to how the auto-save feature works.

Here is how you can trigger the auto-save the next time you decide to go AFK for whatever reason.


Interacting with any of the checkpoints near you will automatically save your game in Remnant 2. The checkpoints can be found in the shape of a Red Stone placed all around the map, especially at a new location’s starting point.

This also works in the case of your character’s unexpected death in Remnant 2, You will spawn at the checkpoint that you last interacted with.


Purchasing weapons

Weapons can be purchased or crafted using scraps and special crafting items you get by defeating a boss or completing an event by bringing them to vendors found in Ward 13.

Upon purchasing a new weapon or crafting it, Remnant 2 allows for an automatic save to keep your progress and equipment intact.

Remnant 2 Safe File and Config File location

Players who are on console have the privilege of cloud storage available to them, however, PC players might have to back up their Remnant 2 Data to keep their progress from getting corrupted or for modding or customizing purposes.

To find access to your Remnant 2 Safe Files we’ve created a short and exact path for you to directly access them and back up your precious progress.

Safe File Location: C Drive -> Users-> [Your User Name] -> Saved Games -> Remnant 2 -> Steam

Config Files Location: C Drive -> Users-> [Your User Name] -> AppData -> Local -> Remnant 2 -> Saved -> Config -> Windows

To up your gameplay in Remnant 2 finding access to the Config files can be a bit tricky but we’ve done the tricky part for you and listed the direct path for you to take and get a hold of the Config Files

Bugs and Issues

Remnant 2 is a relatively new game launched so it’ll have its fair share of issues and crashing problems, Players who are on PC should back up their data in an external storage device beforehand to prevent their data from being corrupted or the players who want to tweak things in the Config Files should also keep on backing up their data just in case the game decides to crash.

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