How To Fix Remnant 2 Co-Op Not Working

Remnant 2 is a lot of fun in co-op but some errors can keep you from playing it which is why we are here with co-op fixes to get you going...

Starting from difficult terrain to horrible enemies, Remnant 2 offers players a lot of exciting things. Although you can ace the entire game alone, however, exploring Remnant 2, become even more fun when you play it with a friend (friendly fire included). Unfortunately like other online games, it is quite possible to encounter co-op issues in Remnant 2, keeping you from playing the game until a fix is implemented.

If you are one of the unlucky people who are unable to play Remnant 2 with friends due to co-op not working errors, we have got you covered with possible solutions.

How to fix Remnant 2 Co-Op not working

Multiplayer player games having errors while connecting you to friends is not new. Similarly, in recent times, many players especially those on PS5 are facing this issue a lot when trying to join or invite friends to explore Remnant 2 calamities together.

Though there’s no fixed solution to making co-op in Remnant 2 work, here are some of the tricks you can try to get rid of the error

Review Your Friendlist

Whenever, you want to play Remnant 2, with a friend of yours, always first review your friend list and make your that you’ve added your friend to the device you are playing on. Unfortunately, you can’t use a PS5 and join a friend’s world who is playing it on XBOX as there is no cross-platform support. Thus, the first thing that needs to be ensured is that you both have added each other and that too on the same platform.

In case, you are friends already, then remove your friend and try after adding them again. This way it may work.


Co-Op Not Enabled

Unlike many other games, in which you can simply opt for Co-Op from the beginning, in Remnant 2, you first need to progress a bit to enable this mode. To unlock Co-Op mode in Remnant 2, you first need to complete a short tutorial that occurs in the very beginning.

Completing this trial will enable you to play Co-Op unlocking the World Crystal, and invite your friends. Once you have access to join a friend’s game, head to a World Crystal and click on “Join Game.”

From there, select “Campaign” and search for your friend’s Gamertag. Once you find them, choose their world and join their session.