Remnant 2 Bird’s Nest Puzzle: How To Get Past The Blue Bird

Here is how you can move the giant blue bird from its bird's nest to get your hands on the Kuri Kuri charm in Remnant 2.

There is a giant blue bird called a Koara that you can find guarding its bird’s nest in the world of Yaesha in Remnant 2. This is an event in the game that you can complete, or solve for that matter, for a unique reward.

You can find the blue bird puzzle by spotting a giant hollow tree in the Withering Weald, the Far Woods, or the Forbidden Grove areas.

Your goal here is to somehow make the Koara leave her nest. However, whatever you do, she will not move. You need to find a way to get past the blue bird in Remnant 2 for the Kuri Kuri charm.

This powerful amulet increases your Relic Use Speed for a percentage of your missing health. That and it gives you a small chance to not consume a Relic Charge.

How to get past the Blue Bird Nest in Remnant 2

There are a few ways in which you can move the bird from the nest. The bird will only move when either the danger has passed or randomly if you are lucky.


Whenever you are off and not in sight of the nest, you will be given an audio cue. This cue will be the basis on which you can judge whether the bird is gone or not. This audio cue is the sound of wings flapping in the distance.

First Method

When you first arrive at the bird’s nest in Remnant 2 and have seen the bird in the nest, you should walk away and look for some Elite birds nearby. These elite birds will have a red colorway.

You will need to kill at least four of these birds before you go back to the nest. If you haven’t heard the sound of wings flapping in a distance even after killing about 10 elite birds. You will need to try something else.

Second Method

The next method is to roam the woods nearby and look for a creature called the Mother Mind. Because of the procedural generation of Remnant 2, we cannot pinpoint where the Mother Mind is.

When you found it, you will need to defeat it because this creature produces the smaller versions of her and they can be seen moving about. When the Mother Mind is dead, listen for the audio cue and run towards the nest to claim your reward.

You can perform the second method after the first method and this will still work without problem. Finally, you can roam out of the Woods and to another nearby area, and still the bird will be gone.

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