Remnant 2 Bane Boss Guide

In this detailed guide, we are going to tell you about how you can defeat Bane in Remnant 2 during you visit to Root Earth.

Bane is not a story boss but rather a carefully hidden optional boss that you need to defeat to unlock the Invader Archetype in Remnant 2.

Bane is an Abberation, which is basically a beefed-up version of a normal enemy. In this case, the Root Walker. You will find these all around on your visit to Root Earth.

In this guide, we are going to go above and beyond to figure out how we can find and obliterate every last cell of Bane in Remnant 2.

Where to find Bane in Remnant 2?

Bane can only be found roaming around Twilight Vale, a location that you need to unlock first in Remnant 2. To get to Twilight Vale, you are going to need the Walker’s Dream consumable which is only possible to get if you have obtained the Dreamcatcher during the Nightweaver quest in Losom.

If you have not, then it is best to continue with the rest of the storyline, defeat the final boss – Annihilation, go into Adventure Mode, and play Losom once again to get your hands on the Dreamcatcher.

To quickly sum it up, once you start in Losom, more specifically in Morrow Parish, you will be tasked with finding three stone-carved dolls. You will find the dolls inside the asylum. Collect the dolls and hand them over to the women locked up in the asylum basement.

Once she accepts, open the door and inside you will find the Nightweaver Stone Doll. Finally, you will just need to offer it to the Nightweaver’s Web, found in the same area. That will give you the Dreamcatcher. Take it and head straight back to Root Earth.

Around the area where you fought Venom, Corrupted Harbor, look around for the Escalation Protocol Amulet. Once you collect it, there will be a dull blue light. It will be like tiny blue particles suspended in the air with light seeping out. Use Dreamcatcher there and you will have yourself the Walker’s Dream Consumable.

Blue Mist For Walker's Dream Remnant 2

All that’s left now is to consume it and you will be teleported to Twilight Vale. Prepare beforehand for your fight with Bane.

How to defeat Bane in Remnant 2

Bane is not a story boss in Remnant 2. It is an evolved version of the Root Walker, an enemy you will find all around Root Earth. So it not going to be a particularly tricky task to take it down. There are a couple of things you need to pay attention to and you’ll have it down on its knees in no time.

Bane weakness

Remnant 2 does a good job of highlighting every enemy’s weak spots. There will always be a visual cue to indicate where exactly you need to shoot.

In Bane’s case, you will see that its eye is shiny and quite possibly hogging all the attention. That is precisely where you need to target as it is indeed Bane’s weakness.

Attacks and Counters

Bane’s moveset is not the most diverse. When you first find it, you will see that it is roaming around in the arena. It will not approach you unless you get in close proximity or attack it first.

As soon as the fight starts, Bane will face upwards and let out a loud shriek. That will summon a lot of his minions. It can also summon a mini-boss to fight alongside it.

The mini-boss is like a levitating Knight with just bones for his body. It will have an exposed heart which you can target to deal the most amount of damage.

You should take it down first because he can annoying to deal with while you targeting Bane. After you are done dealing with the mini-boss, get back to shooting Bane in its eye as much as possible with a long-range weapon.

Bane’s moveset consists of an attack where it will constantly stomp the ground generating a shockwave that travels in a circular area. You will not be able to move. You will be staggered for a couple of seconds.

To avoid getting hit, roll as far as possible from him, as soon as it lifts up its leg. Another one of Bane’s moves includes teleporting. It will suddenly vanish and reappear at a nearby location. Sometimes it can often appear directly on top of you dealing massive amounts of damage.

Throughout the battle, it will keep summoning minions, and sometimes even the mini-boss for the second time. The best thing you can do is keep Bane in front of your eyes and keep shooting it in its eye. Maintain a safe distance.

Eventually, you will bring it down. One thing to notice is that even if you kill Bane, you still need to deal with any minions left behind. They can hurt you if you don’t. For the most part, things will remain the same but since it is an optional boss, it can have different modifiers every time you fight it.

This might affect things but you should not have to worry about it too much.

Rewards for defeating Bane

Bane is a crucial part of the process if you want to unlock the secret Invader Class in Remnant 2. Other than that, these are the rewards, you will receive for taking it down:

  • Scrap
  • Supercharger
  • Wooden Shiv
  • Corrupted Lumenite Crystal x2

Remnant 2 Bane boss fight bugs

There are a couple of bugs that might appear from time to time when fighting Bane. The first one is that once you travel to Twilight Vale to fight Bane after losing the fight for the first time, you might not find it there. The game will glitch, so you will not find Bane.

You can either restart the game, attain Walker’s Dream again, and try again or you can wait for a patch to come in the next update.

Another bug is that if Bane spawns with the Displacer Modifier, it can teleport you inside a rock and you’ll be permanently stuck there. You will need to die in order to be released.

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