Understanding Redfall Difficulty Levels And Settings

Understanding the difficulty system of Redfall can be confusing with co-op thrown in so we are here to help.

Redfall is Arkane’s latest foray into first-person immersive sims but this time with a vampire and co-op twist thrown in. Due to its co-op nature, many people might be confused about how the different difficulty settings work in Redfall. For that very reason, we are here to explain all the Redfall difficulty levels and settings.

Redfall difficulty levels and settings

The difficulty levels in Redfall are divided into four sections. Below is the detail of every level with its description. 


This difficulty setting involves an easy-to-play gameplay environment, having weaker enemies. We recommend this one for those players who are new to the open-world FPS genre and want to get used to it slowly.


This one is suitable for players having moderate knowledge and experience of FPS games. The enemies are relatively stronger, yet beatable with minor effort.


This is the hardest difficulty level available to the players. The vampire and even the human adversaries are extremely dangerous, having serious attack power and stamina. Only hardcore FPS nerds are encouraged to try the Midnight level, who can have real pleasure in eliminating some stubborn bloodsuckers with ultimate strength.


Apart from the regular difficulty settings, there’s another level that unlocks after you have completed the game for once. If you are fully confident in your vampire-hunting skills and can survive perilous environments, this setting is for you.  


It is worth noting that the achievements and rewards received in the game remain the same in all settings and levels. Therefore, there is no need to concern about playing an easier difficulty and getting lesser or no achievements.

What is dynamic difficulty scaling in Redfall?

Due to its co-op nature, Redfall offers a dynamic difficulty scaling system, meaning the hardship level while encountering enemies can vary according to the fight scenarios. If you do not have many friends or allies playing alongside you, the enemies will be less fierce and deal minor damage. Similarly, a player with several friends playing together will face stronger adversaries with tougher attack potential.

The more the number of players together in a party, the higher the difficulty of enemies will be.

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