How to Redeem DLC Items in Far Cry New Dawn?

Want to learn how to redeem DLC items in Far Cry New Dawn? Here's is how you can find Pre-Order and Deluxe Edition items in FCND.

Here is how you can unlock and use your DLC items in Far Cry New Dawn. This FCND Guide will be short and concise.

Redeem DLC Items in Far Cry New Dawn

If you pre-ordered the standard version of Far Cry New Dawn, there are quite a few rewards waiting for you at the end of the ride. Here is a list of the rewards that you will get if you pre-ordered your Far Cry New Dawn:

  • Unicorn Trike: Rank III/Purple Ranked Vehicle.
  • Approval of your Parents.

If you pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game, you will get additional *Weapons*, Outfits, and *Vehicles*. Here is a proper list:

  • SVD Claymore
  • Wrath M249
  • M133M Shotgun
  • RAT4 Rocket Launcher
  • Sidecar Motorbike
  • Legacy Offroader
  • Hurkling Outfits

How to Redeem the DLC in Far Cry New Dawn?
Anyways, here is a short guide on how to redeem the DLC code in the game:

  • Head over to the Far Cry Redeem Page.
  • Login with your email and password that you used to buy the game with. Of course, that should be your Ubisoft account.
  • Choose the platform you would like to redeem your pre-order DLC items on. You can choose either of the three platforms, but probably not all of them.
  • Enter the code in the box given, and click on Enter.
  • Your DLC has successfully been added to your Ubisoft account on your chosen platform.
  • Login to your game and follow the guide below to unlock the DLC item:

How to Use the DLC in Far Cry New Dawn
After successfully redeeming the code on the Far Cry redemption website, boot up your game and follow the steps:

  • Head to Prosperity and you will find your vehicles parked inside the Garage that is outside Prosperity.

Select Land Vehicles and you will find all three vehicles in their own skill-grade.

  • Head over to any Workbench to find your DLC weapons. There is no need to craft them.

Both DLC weapons and cars are fully crafted. You don’t need to spend parts or in-game money to use them.

Oh, and they are an extremely powerful piece of usable items too. Especially that Hulk Wrath M249. It is an absolute beast of a weapon, bolstering a 60 Damage per bullet and 160 bullets per clip.

Oh, and if you think that since its a heavy machine gun, it won’t be much accurate, do note that the gun features a super-accurate bullet RPM of 800! This is better than most of the weapons available in the game.

A Little Tip
Be sure to redeem your Digital Deluxe and pre-order gifts as fast as you can, because you’ll definitely find that they are not very strong in end-game.

Anyways, if you wish to check out more information on the weapons that are included in the DLCs, be sure to check out our Weapons Guide.

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