Red Dead Redemption Remaster Might Be On The Way

A Red Dead Redemption remaster might be coming if a leak posted to Twitter turns out to be accurate, after years of waiting.

One of Rockstar Games’ most popular games, Red Dead Redemption, might be getting a remaster, if a recent leak is to be believed. Leaker Tez2 on Twitter has revealed that a new reference has been added to Rockstar’s official games list on its website, advertising Red Dead Redemption: Rockstar Presents Version.

There have been rumors of a Red Dead Redemption remaster going around for years, especially in the lead up to the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2. However, despite confirmation such a thing was being worked on, the original version of the remaster was cancelled following the controversial release of the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy remaster of the San Andreas games.

However, it seems like Red Dead Redemption is back. While the game did get added to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list in 2016, and enhanced for the console, we haven’t gotten a true remaster for the game yet, and with the power of the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5, a remaster now will undoubtedly look amazing.

Whether this is a remaster, however, or a full-on remake, remains to be seen, especially since there’s no indication of “Remaster” in the game’s title. The game is thirteen years old and seen as one of the best games ever made (with sales to match), but Rockstar isn’t the type to remake its games, either; even the San Andreas trilogy was only a remaster.

Either way, time will tell if we get any sort of news for this remaster at any point, whether at Gamescom, the Game Awards, or some other large gaming event, or even a random trailer dropped by Rockstar out of nowhere. Considering how long it’s taken to put out Grand Theft Auto 6, we might not see something else about this for years.

With luck, this leak will turn out to be true and we’ll get more information from Rockstar at a later date. Until then, Red Dead fans will probably just have to wait and hope.

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