Red Dead Redemption Has Managed to Sell More Than 14 Million Copies Since its Release

Rockstar’s award-winning open-world game Red Dead Redemption has succeeded in selling more than 14 million copies.

The wild-west styled action game was one of the most well-received titles back when it was launched in 2010, and ever since then has been widely regarded as one of the best sandbox open-world titles alongside the company’s other successful Grand Theft Auto franchise.

The news of the game’s sales comes from parent publisher Take-Two, who revealed in their Shareholder Outreach document of the title’s success. In addition to the vanilla game, its expansion Undead Nightmare was also highly commercially successful.

Red Dead Redemption has also been one of the most heavily sought after games by Xbox One owners ever since Microsoft’s announcement of Xbox One Backwards Compatibility back in E3. Hopefully, the large amount of requests for the title to be made backwards compatible will ensure that it is eventually included in the ever-growing list of support BC titles.

Red Dead Redemption was launched more than five years ago, back in May 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox One. It was met with critical acclaim, with an impressive Metacritic score of 95.

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