Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter 4 Shady Belle Walkthrough Guide

Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide will help you 100% complete the fourth chapter with all choices, optional quests, and Gold Medals.

Chapter 4 of Red Dead Redemption 2 will deal with plenty of story missions involving making crucial choices during the course of the chapter. Our RDR2 Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide will guide you through everything you need to know about 100% completing this Shady Belle with Gold Medals.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter 4 Walkthrough

In this chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2, After Arthur is done with the battle of Shady Belle; he must help Dutch by chasing a thief for him.

Arthur will do various tasks including meeting up with Dutch and John in Bronte’s mansion to find and eliminate the grave robbers, help brother Dorkins twice: once to rescue the two hostages in the shop, and another to help a Sister get her crucifix back from the local thief boy.

Arthur will also vouch to help a girl named Mary get her brooch back after her father sells it. Arthur will also team up with Dutch to get back at Bronte for setting up a trap at the local trolley station.

This will be a huge roller coaster of action as well as drama, tie up your seat belts, for the ride is going to be bumpy!

Our guide will try to be as accurate as possible by trying to be as concise as possible. If you think we missed anything in our guide, please let us know in the comments section. We will try to improve on it as much as possible.

The Joys of Civilization

After the battle of Shady Belle, Arthur must focus on heading to the Bastille Saloon to find his boss Dutch van Der Linde, chase a thief for him, and then report to command.

The whole process will take around 10-15 minutes, depending on how you play this out. There is no need for weapons in this mission, so you don’t need to stack up before you play this mission.

If you find the street urchin before he reaches the market, you get the first part of the Gold Medal. Similarly, if you complete the whole mission in under five minute 30 seconds, you will earn the other medal.

Head to the highlighted area and you will meet good sire Dutch outside the Bastille Saloon. If he doesn’t come, call the bartender until you complete your objective. Apparently, you are going to find a thief.

Go outside and make your way to the nearby alley. You will see the children you are looking for there.

No, it’s not something illegal, I promise. You must follow the children until a cutscene is triggered. As soon as the cutscene finishes, chase the suspected child as fast as you can.

Look for the kid in the highlighted area, as soon as he gets off the trolley. Chase him until you end up in a barred up door, kick it open and give chase once again.

You will find your thief in the market if you ask around. You will have to chase him then too. After the good chase and the cutscene at the end, return to Dutch near the saloon. This mission is now complete.

Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor

In this mission, Arthur must meet up Dutch and John in Angelo Bronte’s mansion, find out the grave robbers and defeat them. Finally, escape from the law undetected and make it back to the camp.

If you encounter the dog and the drunk during this mission, not getting spotted by the law even once in the mission and finishing with 11 minutes with four headshots will get you a Gold Medal. So much work for such a petty thing, don’t you think?

Meet both sir Dutch and John Marston outside Bronte’s mansion, on the steps. A cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene, follow John to the cemetery. You must find the source of the disturbance. Investigate the area to reveal the grave robbers.

The grave robbers must now be killed. Kill ’em all! You will find the stash, east of the cemetery, in the mausoleum with a metal fence gate.

As soon as the people of the law arrive, follow John closely and make it back outside. Return to the Bronte’s manor, and then back to the camp. The mission is now complete.

Help a Brother Out (Stranger Mission)

This is a stranger’s mission but since it is a part of the chapter, we will cover it here.

You can find out more information on stranger missions in this guide Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Missions Guide.

In this mission, Arthur will help Brother Dorkins out by freeing the two captives the shopkeeper has hidden inside his shop. If you find the captives without threatening the shopkeeper, you will earn the first half of the Gold Medal.

Ultimately, finishing this mission within two minutes 45 seconds will earn you the second half of the medal, resulting in a complete SHINY Gold Medal.

You can find Brother Dorkins in Saint Denis, towards the east side, with a ‘stranger’ marker on the map. Brother Dorkins will ask you to save the captives the shopkeeper has hidden in his shop. You must now find the shop.

Head to the marker to find the shop where you will be able to threaten the shopkeeper for clues. Note that if you do not threaten the shopkeeper, and head for the bookcase opposite to the counter yourself, you will earn a medal.

Solve the puzzle by yourself and throw the bookcase to reveal the stairs behind. Free the captives and return to Brother Dorkins.

Brothers and Sisters, One and All

If you wait 60 in-game minutes after completing the ‘Help a Brother Out’ Stranger mission, you will be able to do this mission.

This mission involves Arthur chasing a kid who has stolen Sister Calderon’s crucifix, finding him and running away from the law to safety. Arthur will need to return to Sister Calderon and give her the crucifix back.

If you are somehow able to find the kid within 19 seconds, you will earn a Gold Medal. You can sprint directly to the kid to get this medal.

You can find Brother Dorkins on the steps of a church, north of Saint Denis. A kid will steal Sister Calderon’s crucifix as soon as you approach the church.

After witnessing the scene, head to the highlighted area and speak to the stranger who was just knocked over. He will reveal another area nearby.

Head to the highlighted area that was just revealed and you will notice that a man has restrained the kid. Pick up the crucifix from the ground.

After a brief cutscene, the law will chase you. You must escape the firm grip of the law, outside the red circle, until the Wanted gauge is empty.

Find Sister Calderon again, and give her the crucifix back. She will be thankful to you. The mission is now complete.

Fatherhood and Other Dreams

In this mission, Arthur gets a request from a girl named Mary whose father is selling her brooch without her permission.

You need to follow her father until he sells the brooch, follow the buyer and beat the crap out of him until he coughs it up. Finally, return to Mary and give her the brooch back for a free ticket to the local theater.

If you catch the wagon and take it to the given spot within 1 minute 45 seconds, as well as take Mary to the theater on her demand, you will get a Gold Medal that you can flounder around.

Inspect the letter in your room, and this mission will begin. You will find Mary in the Grand Hotel in Saint Denis and she will ask you to do a simple task. You can refuse it but if you refuse it once, you will not be able to start this mission again.

After accepting the mission, ride to the local stables. After the cutscene, follow Mary’s father, while being undetected. After the father meets up with the buyer, chase the buyer and take the wagon out.

Beat the crap out of the buyer from the wagon until he lowers the price of Mary’s brooch to free. Take it! Return to Mary after the mission. You will get a free theater show ticket if you accept her offer. The mission is now complete.

No, No and Thrice, No

Arthur must do a favor for Mary-Beth by finding Susan, asking her help to rescue Tilly and bring Arthur Foreman to Tilly for revenge.

If you kill both the Foreman bois by yourself, you will complete half the tasks for the medal. You can do this by, well, not giving Susan Grimshaw a chance to shoot.

If you can maintain a 90% accuracy or more, you will earn the other part of the Gold Medal. Fire efficiently and kill everyone, and the Gold Medal isn’t far away, right?

You can find Mary-Beth at your camp. Find and speak to her. She will ask you to rescue Tilly, who has been kidnapped. You can find Ms. Grimshaw in the highlighted area. Find her and escort her. She can fight on her own, don’t worry.

Head inside the building and shoot on sight. Kill everyone and rescue Tilly. Then head back outside for a horse chase. You must kill the two foreman boys who are galloping on their horses.

You must capture Arthur Foreman alive, and lasso him back to Lily’s. The mission is now complete.

The Gilded Cage

In this mission, Arthur and his fellow gang members must blend in with the rich society. They will have to enter a gala and entertain the party guests, while Arthur retrieves a certain document from the office.

If you do all the tasks while mingling with the party guests, including giving champagne to the thirsty ladies, complimenting a lady, accepting a ticket from two men, and assisting Algernon Wasp by the buffet as well as follow the servant without being detected, even once, you will earn a Gold Medal. Heck, you deserve it.

You will find Hosea at the camp. Talk to him. Follow the onscreen instructions until the fireworks begin. You must mingle with the party guests during this time and keep everyone busy.

Some of the things you will need to do are offer to give champagne to the thirsty ladies, compliment a lady, accept a ticket from two men, and assist Algernon Wasp by the buffet.

Afterward, you must follow the servant from a distance. You will need to remain unseen during the entire sequence. Follow him until he walks up the stairs into the room next to the office.

Head straight to the marked desk and retrieve the document in one of the ledgers. Return back the well-dressed Dutch at the gala after retrieving this document and leave with him. The mission is now complete.

A Fine Night of Debauchery

Arthur will learn the fine arts of clothing, shaving and personal hygiene with this mission. He will also learn of the ancient arts of gambling. Trelawny will show Arthur these steps.

Finally, Arthur will have to loot the safe on the ship and kill everyone onboard. It’s a massacre!

If you win at Poker without Trelawny’s help, escape the boat under 35 seconds after having your cover blown, get five headshots, and complete the mission without using any consumables, you earn a Gold Medal.

You can find Trelawny in the north of Saint Denis. Find him and head towards the tailor’s shop to buy a specific suit. Follow Trelawny to the barber and have your hair styled too.

Follow the designated path and enter the carriage that’ll take you to the Grand Korrigan. Follow Trelawny and play poker. You can follow up on how to play Poker

Play Poker, lose the first round and then win all the rest until your opponent goes bust. Follow him to the safe room and disarm him.

Shoot everyone up in the following Deadeye sequence when you attempt to loot the safe. Finish your deed of theft, and follow Javier to the bar.

The bar will be hostile. Follow Javier and shoot everyone, or just leave out of the area to escape. The mission will complete when you’re outside the ship, on land.

Horsemen, Apocalypses

Arthur will converse with a lady named Sadie at the camp but something goes wrong. Enemies attack the gang and it is up to Arthur and his gang members to protect themselves.

Fight off enemies until the gang enters the safety of the mansion, and then rescue Sadie from the nearby cabin.

If you shoot O’Discolls in the boat before they embark, 15 headshots, maintain 70% accuracy throughout the mission, use only sidearms and not use any health items, you will earn a Gold Medal.

You must find and greet Sadie at the camp, by the front door of the house. A cutscene will play.

After the cutscene, the gang is under attack. Eliminate the enemies until John Marston suggests you to retreat inside the mansion. Head inside the mansion, turn around and push the cabinet over to barricade the door.

The battle has yet to end, while inside the building shoot the enemies and protect the house. As soon as you hear Sadie’s scream, rush to her aid.

With Sadie at your side, eliminate the enemies in your path until you reach the designated spot. The mission is now complete.

Urban Pleasures

Dutch will teach you the urban pleasures of robbing a station. Lenny will, of course, help you because Lenny is classic Lenny.

Arthur must rob the station and everyone in it then use the trolley to escape, only to fail. Finally, a wagon will be your last escort. This mission will be action-packed, so don’t miss anything out.

If you rob all the customers in the station, kill 10 lawmen while on the trolley, shoot the dynamite thrown by Lenny at the end of the ride, and complete the mission without any health consumables, you will earn a Gold Medal.

You must find Dutch in the back alley, southeast of Saint Denis. Follow the marker (D) on the map.

As soon as you see the chance, hold up each customer in the trolley station and rob them. Then force the cashier to open up the safe. Board the trolley and take out the enemies you see on the map as red dots.

The trolley will soon crash. Take care of the guards surrounding you until Lenny and Dutch find an escape route. Sprint after them afterward until you reach a wagon.

Your goal will be to eliminate all pursuers in the wagon escape sequence. Pickoff everyone until you reach a bridge. Lenny will throw a stick of dynamite in the air.

Use Deadeye to shoot the Dynamite and clear your path. You have escaped! The mission is now complete.

Country Pursuits

You must meet up with Dutch and the gang while they prepare to rob the Saint Denis bank. However, before that, they must kill Bronte. With the help of the local fisherman Thomas, the gang must profuse a skiff for the assault on Bronte’s mansion.

If you return Jules to the skiff within 1 minute 40 seconds and shoot the bullgator five times in a row, you will earn a Gold Medal.

After the previous mission, meet up with Dutch at the camp and ride with him to Lagras. When you reach Lagras, you will have to follow and help Thamas with his traps. Watch out for the alligators and you’re good to go.

When the group splits up, head to the highlighted area and beacon Jules, who is standing on a tree branch. Finally, head to the nearby skiff.

After a brief cutscene, jump into the water and run towards Jules. Follow Jules in the highlighted area and pick him up. Head back to the skiff.

When you enter the boat, you will notice a bullgator in the area. It’s basically an alligator. Shoot at him when your crosshair is red.

Follow the onscreen instructions to treat Jules’ wounds and shoot at bullgator until you are able to drive it away. The mission is now complete.

Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten

Arthur and his gang have finally decided to attack Bronte’s mansion. They must attack the mansion from the river, and take it by surprise.

His evil deed at the trolley station where he set everyone up will not go unpaid. He must pay for his actions with DEATH.

If you search every room in Bronte’s mansion, get Bronte to the skiff within 1 minute 30 seconds, get 20 headshots and complete the mission without consuming any health items, you will earn a Gold Medal.

Meet up with Dutch in Lagras through the skiff and it is time to eliminate Bronte. You must raid Bronte’s mansion and pick everyone in the mansion off one by one.

You must search for Bronte in the mansion. He will be in the middle room of the three highlighted rooms. Pick him up and head downstairs.

You must now protect both yourself and Bronte, from the lawmen and escort him to the skiff where the gang is waiting. The mission ends here.

American Fathers I & II

In this short mission, Arthur meets Eagle Flies outside Cornwall Kerosene, southeast of Valentine. He must prepare to break in to steal a report on the oil reserves at the local Wapiti Reservation.

If you manage to infiltrate in the factory by hiding in the wagon, reach Danbury’s office undetected, kill all the horseback pursuers while scraping, and finish with at least 80% accuracy, you will get a Gold Medal.

Meet up with Evelyn Miller in Saint Denis and speak to her. After two in-game hours, an Eagle Flier marker will become available southeast of Valentine.

Sneak into the factory somehow and eliminate enemies if you cannot sneak towards your path. Follow the marker upstairs and eliminate the targets up. Head into the office.

Head inside the office and beat the crap out of Danbury, until he gives you the file. Take the file, run out of the factory and take cover from enemy fire. The mission will be complete once you are not W A N T E D.

Banking, the old American Art

Arthur and his gang must venture into death’s firm grip once again to raise enough fund for their escape. Their job will be to rob the grand bank of Saint Denis and escape with the money.

If they do manage to do so, living a peaceful life overseas is not far away.

If you manage to crack the safe without making a mistake, complete the mission with only sidearms, get 25 headshots and use no health consumables, you will win a rare Gold Medal.

These objectives will require you to have a perfect combat execution so be sure that you have prepared beforehand.

You can find Dutch inside your camp’s mansion. Talk to him and follow the convoy to Saint Denis on your horse.

You must now threaten the bank to open up their vault for the money. Force the manager to talk and give the code to the vault, crack the password to the vault, and eliminate the lawmen who have come to the bank’s aid.

Pick up the dynamites Dutch drops on the floor. Place them on the marked wall and shoot them.

Go through the newly created hole and climb up the stairs. You will have to reach the rooftop ultimately. From the rooftop, neutralize any incoming fire and pick off the many targets. Follow your allies across the rooftops until you reach a window.

A cutscene will play, and after this cutscene, you will have to follow Dutch to the docks. Head inside the train and crouch at all times.

As soon as the train stops, follow Dutch to the docks and rejoin your crew. After Charle’s diversion, run to the boat and your mission is complete.

Moreover, the chapter finally concludes here. That was a huge journey, wasn’t it, gentlemen?

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