Red Dead Redemption 2 The Veteran Stranger Mission Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a list of Stranger missions and The Veteran is one of those missions. The Veteran stranger mission is available in Chapter 6 of RDR2. This whole mission is about your interaction with the man named Hamish living at Veteran’s Homestead in a cottage. You will get his horse as a reward after the successful completion of this stranger mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2 The Veteran Stranger Mission

This RDR2 stranger mission has 4 parts to complete subsequently in order to completely get this mission done.

First when this mission becomes available you can go to Veteran’s Homestead and approach a rock and you will be greeted by Hamish Sinclair and he will ask you for help.

You will come to know of his horse Buell who has bucked him off and ran away with his wooden leg and he will ask you to retrieve it for him.

You will go out to find Buell and when you do find it and get back to Hamish he will offer you to come fishing with him. After one in-game day you will be able to visit Hamish again at the same place, Veteran’s Homestead.

Now on your first visit, Hamish invited you to go fishing with him on O’Creagh’s Run which is a small lake just at the side of his cottage. Here Hamish will tell you about his wish to catch the big fish named ‘tyrant’.

As some time passes while you and Hamish are fishing, Hamish will get hauled into the lake by the Tyrant. Now it is your job to rescue him from the Tyrant and after that Hamish will give you a special lake lure for you to catch the tyrant yourself.

You will catch the tyrant and then both will go back to Hamish’s cottage and then you will leave. Next time when you visit Hamish you will see the tyrant hanging on top of his fireplace.

When you visit Hamish for the third time now for The Veteran stranger mission, he will take you to hunt a she-wolf that he’s been tracking for a while now. This time when you both will be tracking the wolf to hunt, you and Hamish will get attacked by a pack of wolves and you will have to kill a very huge alpha wolf, after which Hamish will thank you once again and will invite you once more some other time.

This will be your final visit to Hamish and this time you guys will go on the hunt for a massive boar.

You guys will part your ways to track the boar and when you go back you will see that Hamish has been mortally wounded by one of its tusks and there will be no way of saving him. Hamish will ask you to take care of his horse Buell as his last dying wish. You will take the Buell and will also gain Honor.

This is the whole process of The Veteran mission in RDR2