Red Dead Redemption 2 The Iniquities of History Stranger Mission Guide

The Iniquities of History is a Stranger mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 that becomes available once you start Chapter 3. The quest giver is a homeless man named Jeremiah Compson. In this RDR2 guide, we will help you complete the Iniquities of History stranger mission so you know what to expect when approaching this quest.

Red Dead Redemption 2 The Iniquities of History

Head to Rhodes station and you’ll find Compson resting on a bench outside. You can talk to him to start the stranger mission. Interact with Jeremiah and he will start talking about how he feels like the world has been pushing him around.

He will tell you that the bank has repossessed his house and he is upset that he is going to lose some of his prized possessions as a result. Those are his ledger, pistol and pocket watch. To start this RDR2 stranger mission, agree to go to his house and collect his possessions for him.

His house is located in the North of Scarlett Meadows. We’ve pinpointed the exact location on the map below:

Most of the doors will be boarded up so use an entrance on south side to go inside and start exploring the home.

The pocket watch is on the fireplace on the eastern wall and once you explore another room, you will start finding out some odd things about this place.

There is a photo on another fireplace of a trap door in the same room. Two men will then show up at that point and try to kill you.Take them out to collect Jeremiah’s gun from one of them.

Then head down the trap door and you will find Compson’s ledger on top of a crate.  Reading it will reveal that he was a slaver who really enjoyed his job. The reason for his current depression is the abolition of that terrible practice.

The Confrontation
Now that you have all the items, return to Compson and confront him at his camp that is to the Southeast of Ringneck Creek.

Confronting him about what you found out will make go on a long self-pitying rant. At this point, Arthur decides he has heard enough and burns the ledger in the campfire.

At this point you can choose to kill him or to leave him to wallow in his own misery. Following your temptation might actually be a good thing here since killing him gets you high honor and ends the stranger mission.

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