Red Dead Redemption 2 Homestead Stash Locations Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 homestead locations guide will help you find all the places and loot their stash for the Breaking and Entering trophy

In this guide, we will help you find Homesteads in Red Dead Redemption 2 along with hidden chests, stash locations, and lockboxes. Homesteads are scattered throughout the map and players need to loot them to earn Breaking and Entering trophy and achievement.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Homestead Stash Locations

Homesteads are basically buildings that you can break in and rob. However, these places aren’t easy to find and aren’t marked on the map. So basically you will have to go and locate them yourself.

On top of that, some Homesteads in Red Dead Redemption 2 are unlocked once you have progressed enough in the campaign. While the rest at available in Chapter 2.

There are 7 homesteads in total that you can rob to loot their stash and lockboxes. Also, robbing four Homesteads will earn you the Breaking and Entering trophy/achievement. Also, try to loot the stashes within these homesteads early in the game.

The reason behind this is that in the late game there are chances that you might have killed the inhabitants. With them dead, you won’t be able to interrogate which would make things complicated.

That is where our Red Dead Redemption 2 Homestead Locations Guide comes in to help you find these homesteads. The following are the Homestead locations.


Chez Porter

This homestead is located in Ambarino, east of Whinyard Strait. You will be going with Javier to loot this homestead as you accept the task in Chapter 2.

The homestead stash is located on the upper floor of the barn. To get up there, climb on the pile of wood located there and then hop to the haystack above. There you will find a chest or a treasure box. In it, you will find 2 x $ 50 and a jewelry bag.

However, if you are looking to acquire the Breaking and Entering the trophy, then you need to loot the area carefully. Only looting the stash might not register the homestead as looted and you won’t be getting the trophy.

Lonnie’s Shack

Lonnie’s Shack homestead is located near Lemoyne. As for the exact location, open the map and find the word Lemoyne. The homestead is located to the West of the word M in Lemoyne.

This one is a bit tricky so it would be wise to save the game before you enter. Once you enter the homestead, you will find 4 guys there and a firefight will initiate.

However, you only need to kill only three of them. It doesn’t matter which 3 you kill as long as one survives. Now point your gun at the surviving member and threaten him. He will then tell you where the stash is in the homestead. Also, the location of the stash will vary depending on which one of the 4 guys is alive.

Aberdeen Pig Farm

This homestead is also located in Lemoyne and isn’t far from Lonnie’s Shack. As you arrive at this homestead, there will be a man sitting on the porch.

The man will greet you and you need to greet back. Follow him inside the house while talking to him and then loot the place. It is important that you go inside with the man as the door will not open if you won’t.

Once you loot the place, go towards the back of the house and exit from the door on the south side. The stash is located here. There will be a little Lockbox and you will receive 2 x $20 from it. After that loot the entire house to register the house as looted for the trophy.

Van Horn Mansion

The Van Horn Mansion homestead is located South of the Van Horn Trading Outpost. Try to clear this homestead as early as you can as the inhabitants of this homestead and the stash might not be there if you progress.

As you reach the homestead, wait for the nightfall and enter the house. You will find two people sleeping on the lower floor. Loot the house

Catfish Jacksons

This is an interesting homestead. As you enter you will find either son and dad or only the son. Find the shotgun in the living room and threaten the son with it.

He will reveal the location of the stash. To the right of the entrance, there will be a hole with a chest inside. Loot the chest and be sure to loot the entire house.

If you are looking for all of the collectibles them you will find the “Premium Cigarette Packs” inside the chest in the son’s room.

Watson’s Cabin

To acquire the stash or the lockbox in this homestead, you need to be a cruel bastard. Watson’s Cabin is located northwest of the Wallace Station.

You will find an old lady sitting there. Go to the back of the house and take the ladder to the basement. Steal the shotgun there and make your way outside. Now make a camp and skip to the next day.

Now go back and you will find the old lady’s four sons. Kill all four of them and go inside the kitchen. There will be a lockbox on the table. This is a secret stash. Loot the lockbox and the entire house before you leave.

Willard’s Rest

The Willard’s Rest homestead unlocks once you have reached the chapter 6. Go to the homestead and talk to the resident there and teach her how to shoot and hunt.

Come back two days later, you can do it by setting a camp. Now do a shooting contest with her and then you will be able to loot the stash in this homestead.

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