Red Dead Redemption 2 Map Size Is Immense, Bigger Than any Rockstar Game

If anyone has any doubts about Red Dead Redemption 2 then you certainly need to check this news out. Very recently it was announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 Map Size will be bigger, than any Rockstar Games.

Yes, that even means, GTA 5, as well as all other Rockstar Games. In a newly surfaced video of PlayStation Access channel, it was revealed that this western title will have the biggest map ever, compared to every Rockstar Games titles.

Now how is it even bigger than GTA 5, there is a logic behind it, you see being able to cross the area on either foot or horseback, will add more to the actual size as well as to the time of this game. So that is why players will find Red Dead Redemption 2 Map Size to be immense.

So will all the recent detail revealed, what we can assume is that the devs are very much targeted at making this game, as amazing as possible.

However, one of the biggest issue this game can face is upon its release. As you may already know that this game is scheduled to roll out, on October 26, 2018. While in the same month we have Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 as well as Battlefield V also releasing.

So the impact on the sales of these games on each other is pretty much uncertain because we have had, various analyst reposts suggesting various projections for all of these three games.

Now while NPD’s Mat Pistacella predicted that Red Dead Redemption 2 will surpass Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V, we have other Piper Jaffray’s analysts Michael J. Olson and Yung Kim claim that Black Ops 4 to outsell both of these games.

So at this point, it is pretty uncertain but Red Dead Redemption 2 Map Size news, is something that may captivate more fans, perhaps.
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