Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Ram Location Guide

The Legendary Ram and its hunt is a part of the whole 16 Legendary animals that you can hunt and get some valuables goods from in Red Dead Redemption 2. After completing nine Master Hunter challenges, players will have the option to hunt down the legendary ram in RDR2. In this guide, we will help you find the location of the legendary and tips on how to kill it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Ram Location

When you are done with nine Master Hunter Challenges, you will unlock this Legendary Hunt in RDR2, after that you will find Legendary Ram in hills north of the railroad, across the Dakota river slightly east of cattail pond, east of Valentine. This is just west of the Rio Bravo.

Like other herbivores, the Legendary Ram will be fast and you need to be very quick and careful while hunting and try not to let it get away. Equip some powerful and quick weapon that can finish Ram in one shot or can quickly give it two or three shots if one is not enough.

A shotgun with slug ammo, a sniper rifle or a bow with poison arrow is your best bet. Ride to the above-mentioned area and get off your ride.

When you get in the area a black box will appear telling you that you are in legendary animal’s territory. When you get inside the circle a white box will appear telling that it’s the start of hunting sequence.

If you do not see a black box, leave the area for a while and come back it will definitely appear and Ram will also get spawned. And also make sure you are above Master Hunter Rank 9.

Now when the white box appears, click the button to investigate nearby fur or the damage animal left. This investigation will reveal a path, turn on your Eagle Eye and follow the path, this path will end with a white circle at the end. Turn on the Eagle Eye again after reaching the white circle.

Here you will see three pieces of evidence that indicate the presence of the legendary ram, inspect the second of the three and then go for the third one.

When you are inspecting the third one you will hear the animal sound so crouch quickly so that you don’t spook the ram. Turn on Eagle eye and slowly move towards the animal.

Replenish Dead Eye and target the Ram’s head with a shotgun and shoot your shot. Take as many shots nonstop until you are sure that Ram is dead.

Since legendary pelts can’t be damaged, don’t worry about being precise, just kill the legendary animal as quickly as possible. If it manages to run away, you will have to rest at a camp for 72 hours before it respawns in the same area.


After killing the Ram go to the body and skin it. You will get clear Legendary Ram Hide and Legendary Ram Horn. Get these legendary items to the Trapper or Fence for some cool stuff. You can either sell them for money or get them crafted.

Go to Fence and choose BUY to get Ram Horn Trinket from him.

Go to Trapper and you will get Legendary Ram Batwing Chaps, Legendary Ram Hat and Legendary Ram Rifleman Gloves.