Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Cougar Location Guide

The most valuable animals that players can hunt in RDR2 are the Legendary Animals. These animals drop Legendary pelts which can be sold to different Trappers for money. You also unlock Legendary Pelt items from different animal’s pelts which can be crafted for you by the Trappers. In this Red Dead Redemption 2 guide, we will help you find the Legendary Cougar and how to kill it and skin it. Hunting the Legendary Cougar in RDR2 will score you the Legendary Cougar Pelt and Legendary Cougar Claw. The Claw can be used to craft the Cougar Fang Trinket, which increases XP gain by 10%.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Cougar Location

To find the Legendary Cougar in RDR2, head to the Tumbleweed in the New Austin region. This is the western most area of the map. You can find the Legendary Cougar roaming around in the vicinity of the small mining plant, north of Gaptooth Ridge.

When you reach the right area, you will get a prompt at the top left corner of the screen saying that you have “entered legendary animal territory”.

How to Kill the Legendary Cougar
Search the surroundings for different clues like fur, dung etc. in the Legendary Animal Territory by using the eagle-eye ability. Interact with the clue which will form a yellow trail that will lead you to the general surrounding of the Legendary Cougar. Use Eagle Eye ability to follow the trail.

Following the trail will lead you to more clues. In the case of the Legendary Cougar, there are three evidence markers. Follow these clues to hunt the cougar down.

The Legendary Cougar is a very dangerous animal so try and keep a distance from it. It will attack you if you get too close to it. Avoid getting near it and after spotting it, use a sniper rifle or a bow to hunt from a distance. Aim for the head for a one shot kill. Use Dead-eye to hit your shots more easily.  You cannot damage the pelt of Legendary animal, so take as many shots as required.

If you fail to hunt it in one try, put down a campfire and sleep for 72 hours to be able to hunt the animal again.

How to Skin the Legendary Cougar
After hunting down the Legendary Cougar, you can skin it to obtain the Legendary Cougar Pelt. Go near the body of the Cougar and you will get the option to skin it.  This pelt can be sold for $50.0 to the Trapper. Selling this to the Trapper will also unlock the Legendary Cougar Pelt items available for crafting.

Here are the items you can craft at the Trapper using the legendary cougar pelt:

  • Legendary Cougar Flop Hat – Costs $19, requires 2 turkey feathers.
  • Legendary Cougar and Wolf Vest – Costs $42, requires one legendary wolf pelt and protects from the cold.
  • Legendary Cougar Riding Gloves – Costs $20, requires one perfect boar pelt and protects from the cold.

That is our guide for hunting down the Legendary Cougar in RDR2. Check out our guides for other Legendary Animals!

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