Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Bison Location Guide

One of the legendary animals that you hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the Tatanka Bison. We can help you find the location of this Legendary Bison in RDR2 with the help of our guide.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Bison

This legendary RDR2 Bison is located in Hennigan’s Stead, next to Lake Isabella. We have attached a map of the area with the location marker but of course, this legendary RDR 2 animal keeps moving around to graze the fields so you will have to look a bit in the general area.

When you enter the Bison’s territory, you’ll get a box onscreen that indicates it. Otherwise leave the area, camp for a bit and then come back. From here you’ll follow the usual tactic of hunting legendary animals by exploring this area until you spot a (?) symbol on your map. You can also use Eagle Vision to track the Bison through clues you find.

Once you spot one, be as stealthy as possible since it is very shy and will run away once it sees you. You could lose it this way so try to get as close as you can without scaring it off.

Killing The Bison
Like with the other Legendary animals, it is best to go after this Bison with a heavy weapon. You don’t need to worry about bringing your bow since you can’t damage Legendary Animal pelts.

Carry a rifle to shoot at the beast from afar but also keep a shotgun for close combat in case you get the chance to be up close. Essentially, just get close enough to take several shots at it with your rifle before finishing it off with a shotgun if it’s alive and you can get up close.

Once it is dead, skin it for the Legendary Tatanka Bison Pelt and Legendary Tatanka Bison Horn. You can use the Horn to craft the Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket that reduces the damage you take during a fight by 10%.

You can also take the Bison’s hide to the Trapper and craft the Legendary White Bison Hat. Taking it to a fence will let you craft a Bison Horn Talisman that boosts your stamina regeneration by 10%