Red Dead Redemption 2 American Dreams Stranger Mission Guide

The first clues that you will encounter about the American Dreams stranger mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 are the crime scene that have a graffiti that states “LOOK ON MY WORKS” along with a treasure map that has been stuffed inside a decapitated head. This RDR2 stranger mission is about a serial killer and in this guide, we will take you through the whole walkthrough the American Dreams mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2 American Dreams

There are three places where there has been a murder and all three of them have a head that has a piece of map shoved inside them quite brutally. Players need to investigate these murders for the American Dreams stranger mission.

The first thing that you need to do for this stranger mission is to find the location of the first map. You have to start by going to Valentine.

Follow the train tracks and go to the south of the town. You will get a white flashing marker on your map when you get close to the corpse.

In case no marker appears on your map then you must come back in the evening and if you find it then spooky music starts playing as you get closer and the satiated birds will fly away as they were feasting on the hanging torso of the corpse.

The graffiti that states “Look on my Works” is present next to the bridge on some rocks. The missing head is on the west of the hanging torso, go towards it and get the map out of it. Once you collect all three you will be able to get to killer.

Moving on to the next murder scene:

Big Valley Murder Scene
Another corpse will be marked on your map if you ride southwest of the Wallace Station which is in West Elizabeth which is the next murder scene.

To get to it you have to cross the river from where it is slower. The long way to get here is the trail that is in the west of Wallace Station.

This corpse will be hanging in the same way the first one was, just a little lower. This time you will see the text “Do you See?” written on a boulder which is next to the largest chunk of the victim’s body.

The head is also next to a large boulder that has the map inside it. For the next one, we have to travel a little further.

Scarlett Meadows Murder Scene
For this section of the American Dreams stranger mission, you have to go to the southern part of Lemoyne. To find this scene you have to go east of the Braithwaite Manor. In the dark, the scene gets illuminated by one lantern which is why it is easier to spot in the dark.

Again, a hanging torso along with the text “Behold” on the tree along with the final piece of the map that will take us to the end of this trail. The head with the map is on the other side of the tree.

We have the answer to the map at the end but if you like a good read and want only hints that will help you solve the map yourself then read through this slowly.

There is little information on the map about the location of the killer. The first piece of information that you get from this map that you need to leave this place, you can see that from the bridge present in the map.

The trees present in the map are not the same as the one present in Lemoyne which tells us that now it is imperative that you leave. The place where you need to go is New Hanover that has a few abandoned shacks within it.

Now when you go to Valentine the game will help you out by highlighting a Stranger Circle. Lucky’s Cabin will be the one that resembles the one in the map which is just off the trail.

This cabin has a lot of snakes inside so you horse will be scared away. You need to go to the cellar door and code is within the map and is memorized by Arthur.

Inspect everything in the cellar and leave when you are done. But before leaving make sure you got everything you need because you can’t come back here.

There is a corpse in the back of the cabin which has a knife stuck in it. When you inspect it the next event will trigger which is an encounter with the serial killer.

Keep in mind you don’t shoot the killer, or the mission will fail. Just wait for the prompt button after which you can take down the killer with a fistfight.

You can hogtie the killer after you take him down and load him on your horse and take him to the sheriff’s office in Valentine. You will place him on the sheriff’s desk and then Arthur will tell the sheriff all there is about the killer.

The killer will attack the sheriff when he is being taken to the cell. Kill him when he does by using Dead Eye. Be quick or you won’t get the reward as the sheriff will take care of it himself. If you are quick enough you will get $20 from the sheriff and that’s all.

This is all there is you need to do for this RDR2 stranger mission.

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