Red Dead Redemption 2 A Fine Night For It Stranger Mission Guide

A Fine Night For It stranger mission in RDR2 is a bit of a unique stranger mission as it can only be done at a certain time during the night. In this guide, we will discuss how you can complete A Fine Night For It stranger mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 A Fine Night For It Stranger Mission

You will get this stranger mission from Old Cajun and you will go about this quest in the region of Bayou, north of Lagras. But you need to have completed Chapter 1 and it would only be available from 10PM to 5AM.

To unlock this mission and the stranger you get this quest from, you need to meet the Night Folk of the Bayou at least once.

For that you have to keep an eye for voices, shadows or lights, or any other grey dot on your mini-map while you are going through the bayou and Bluewater Marsh in the night.

If you do hear or see any of this then you need to investigate it and it could a very creepy encounter. It would most likely be near the large lake in the center of the area.

A Stranger Mission will appear on the road near Lagras at night time, between 10 PM and 5 AM if you have had an eligible encounter with the Night Folk already. You will be told about the night folk from an older man sitting at a camp, who describes them as bad people who murder and have also claimed his house.

You need to agree to help him get his property back and go to his house by following him and passing through the swamps.

Make sure that your Dead eye is ready for action when you get to the man’s house. You will have to take care of five enemies that have machetes and will run at you when they spot you.

If you use Dead Eyes you can probably get them in a single shot. When you are done will them, the man runs inside his house and you get your reward but this is not all, there will be more enemies incoming that you will need to stop.

Again use Dead Eye and take care of them but this time be more careful as they tend to sneak up on you from the opposite direction you attack. When these four enemies are down you can get your reward and be done with this stranger mission

This is all there is to know about the A Fine Night For It stranger mission in RDR2.

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