How to Rank Up Fast Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Leveling up is a crucial part of the CoD multiplayer experience, as it unlocks new features and customization for your character. Let’s take a look down below at how to rank up fast in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War to hit that level 55 mark and beyond.

Rank Up Fast Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Collecting XP points leads to leveling up, and XP can be earned through both Multiplayer and Zombie mode.

Below are some things you can try to give your leveling a boost and level up fast in Black Ops Cold War

Double XP Codes
By purchasing specially marked Doritos, Mountain Dew Gamefuel or Totino’s products, you’ll get codes with your purchase for double XP.

These codes double all of your XP earned for a limited amount of time in CoD Cold War. The effects can range from 15 minutes to 1 hour of double XP.

Log into the marked websites from the relevant product that you have purchased. From there, link your Activision/COD account.

Redeem you double XP codes and they will appear in-game, and you can activate them from the menu there.

You can also make use of Double XP events to rank up your account and weapons in Blops Cold War.

Keep an eye out on CoD social media accounts for details on when these Double XP events start.

Weapon Challenges
Each weapon tracks progression separately. With more weapon progression, you’ll unlock challenges, attachments, and camos quickly.

Completing challenges for weapons in Cold War also grants XP for leveling up, and as the starting challenges of each weapon are easier, it is best to try and do early challenges for as many weapons as possible to get that much more XP.

Objective Modes
Objective-based modes include; Domination, Hardpoint and Control etc. You can get bonus XP for completing challenges as well as killing enemies.

You get bonus XP for killing enemies on objectives and every time you kill an enemy while on an objective, you’ll get extra XP as well.

For Control and hardpoint, you’ll get a lot of XP for protecting your team from explosives with your trophy system and also killing attacking or defending opponents at objective points.

Partying Up
A feature unique to PlayStation users is that they can party up, and this adds a 25% Weapon XP in Black Ops Cold War.

This also works with cross-platform or cross-play parties, but the bonus XP only goes to the PlayStation users.

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