Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Roadmap Reveals New Countries, Operators, and Co-Op Mode

Ubisoft will continue to support Rainbow Six Siege for the third year in a row with another round of new content for the community to enjoy. The decision comes as unsurprising due to the rate at which the tactical team-based first-person shooter has expanded in popularity since it was released two years ago.

During the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals over the weekend, the developer released a roadmap for Year Three. The next four seasons are currently without release dates, but we have been notified that Operation Chimera will begin the new year for the players.

There are new operators and multiplayer maps to gain. This also includes a new cooperative game mode, which is interesting because Ubisoft previously stated that it is unlikely to release any new modes in the future. “Siege is its own game mode,” brand director Alexandre Remy said earlier this year.

Season 1 – Operation Chimera
1 new co-op mode called “Outbreak Event”
2 new operators (France/Russia)

Season 2 – Unconfirmed
1 new map (Italy)
2 new operators (Italy)

Season 3 – Unconfirmed
1 reworked map
2 new operators (Britain/America)

Season 4 – Unconfirmed
1 new map (Morocco)
2 new operators (Morocco)

Operation White Noise is scheduled to arrive next month and will conclude Year Two for Rainbow Six Siege. It will introduce three new operators, two from South Korea and one from the remaining lineup of Poland, a new map set in an observation tower, and plenty of new cosmetic upgrades.

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