Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes: Ela’s Face and Several Other Visual Issues Fixed

The first patch for the newly commenced third season arrives for Rainbow Six Siege today with minor changes across all three platforms.

The official patch notes are full of fixes to previously reported issues, with the developer stating that is also working on much larger issues for the upcoming Mid-Season Reinforcements.

Bugs like being able to see inside a smoked area by switching weapons at the edge, unable to go back to the drone view after it has been destroyed, passing through the ground while rappelling, and holstering certain weapons slower than others, have all been squashed.

Caveira now has a smoother animation when activating her special ability, and her victims will not fall through the terrain while being interrogated. Montagne no longer suffers from frame-skipping while equipping his shield. The ACOG of Fuze getting black pixels while firing has been fixed. Most importantly, the facial animation of Ela has been corrected for the end-of-map screen.

Elsewhere, several improvements have been made to character models and other cosmetics in the game. Issues relating to visual corruption such as clipping and one-sided textures have also been addressed.

Operation Blood Orchid released earlier this month to end a content drought that has lasted for nearly six months. It introduced Ying (Attacker) and Lesion (Defender) as two new operators from Hong Kong, as well as Ela (Defender) from the pending Polish lineup.

In addition, the expansion pack marked the conclusion of Operation Health for Rainbow Six Siege. However, the game is far from being perfect. A lot of problems still remain, most of which affect gameplay. We can only hope that they are all addressed in time for Year 3.

Rainbow Six Siege crossed more than 20 million players by the end of July. It is one of the most active games on Steam and one of the most popular tactical-based first-person shooters in the market.

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