Rainbow Six Siege Will Be 20 Million Strong This Month

Rainbow Six Siege continues to push forward on the popularity metric, increasing its player-base and convincing Ubisoft to work harder than ever before.

While announcing the results from its first quarter for the fiscal year 2018, the company revealed last week that the tactical team-based first-person shooter is on track to reach 20 million players by the end of the month. The figure (via PCGamesN) combines all three platforms across the globe but a breakdown was not provided.

It only reiterates the remarkable success that Rainbow Six Siege has seen since last year. Releasing in late 2015 to a lukewarm reception, the game shifted gears during the middle of its first season. Following that, players have been swarming in to give the realistic shooter a try.

Last month, Sony announced that Rainbow Six Siege was one of the most-downloaded games from the PlayStation Store during the period of May. It took sixth place in the list of top downloads for the month. The placing might feel underwhelming, except that it had to make way for a few major recent releases.

Even more impressive is the fact that Rainbow Six Siege saw June as the second best month in its history in terms of active users, despite there not having been any new content since February this year.

The Hong Kong DLC was delayed by the developer to address pressing issues in the game. Operation Health is currently underway and the focus is on fixing some of the biggest technical problems before moving on to the second season. The next update was thought to arrive this month but seeing how we are into the last week, the developer may announce a release date for early next month.

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