How to Rescue MIA Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Your operators can go MIA during missions in Rainbow Six Extraction. An operator will be considered MIA until it is rescued by going on the mission again. So, the players should know how to Rescue MIA Operators in the Rainbow Six Extraction. Our guide aims to provide some valuable tips on this topic.

How to Rescue MIA Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

While playing R6 Extraction, all the details regarding MIA or available Operators will be displayed whenever you end the mission. Now, let’s start with the procedure to rescue an MIA Operator.

Start by opening Operator select screen or level select menu in R6 Extraction. The red icon will represent the level where they became MIA.

Enter the Hot Zone

Start playing the mission where they are being shown as missing in action, and any one of three Hot Zones included in that mission.

Upon reaching the objective area in R6 Extraction, you will see an Archaen Tree. Close to this tree, you can find the operator where a beeping sound can also be observed.

Once you make sure that the area is not covered by enemies, observe where the tree branches are emerging from.

Tackle Pulses and Target Anchor Points

Now get closer to the tree to interact with it. You will have to set the operator free from the tree.

The players are required to counter the pulses that are trying to hold the operator. Keep pulling the operator and watch out for branches at the same time. You can also ask another player to watch out for branches.

Here, you need to destroy the Anchor Points located at the opposite side of the branch to reduce the resistance from pulses and set the operator free. You need to make sure that pulses do not approach the tree and shoot them whenever they make any movement.

Once the pulses are removed, try pulling the operator again and keep shooting the pulses and Anchor Points until you rescue the operator. If you fail to pull the operator, the tree will take over the character, and the mission will fail.

Take the Operator to Extraction Point

Now you can take the operator to the extraction point and load them onto the pod. After that, you can decide to leave or stay in the Hot Zone to collect more intel or explore further. But the objective is now accomplished, and MIA Operator has been rescued.

Rewards for Rescuing MIA Operators in R6 Extraction

Once you’ve rescued an MIA operator, you will gain all the XP they had earned before being MIA, and a small amount will be deducted because of all the trouble they caused. However, if you fail to rescue the MIA Operator, they will return to the inventory for a 30% loss of XP.

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